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acid + base = ??


what is a buffer solution?

solution that resist the change of PH when a small amount of an acid or base is added to it.

what is buffer?

called to the mixture of solutes that is responsible for the buffering action of a solution

examples of buffer



amino acids


what are the importance of buffer solution?

1. the PH blood maintains a constant PH of 7.4 unber a very wide variety take of physiological condition

2. in aqueous phase of all living cells, buffer solution maintains nearly constant PH of 7

many chemical reaction in aqueous solution change the pH of the solution and these reaction can be studied at a constant pH by ________ in buffer solution

carrying them out

a buffer is usually made by mixing _____

weak acid with its conjugate base


weak base with its conjugate acid

acid and base components of the buffer (do, do not) react with each other

do not

when base is added to the buffer, what happens?

it reacts with the acid compound of the buffet, thus the pH of the buffer solution doesn't change appreciably

what is enthalpy?

heart change that occurs at constant pressure

what is heat?

a reflection of random molecular motion

what is exothermic process?

when the system releases heat and assigned by negative heat

what is endothermic process?

system gains head and is assigned by positive heat