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Seed embryos are nourished by a triploid tissue called
Sperm transport tube found in a the carpel
Multicellular organ that consists of nodes and internodes
Transport pathway which is a continuum of cytosol connected plasmodesmata
Group of actively or potentially interacting individuals of a single species
Factors outside the organisms which include light, day length, temperature, pH, moisture, etc are classified as
The result when two or more species (or individuals) are using the same limited resources
Water sap is conducted through
Tracheids and vessel elements
Responsible for generating and maintaining the resting membrane potential of neurons
Na+/K+ ATPases
Root elongation occurs as cells increase their length by up to 10x in the
Elongation zone
The relationship between two organisms in which one benefits and the other is harmed is termed
An example of a secondary consumer would be
Human and Fox
During the repolarization phase of an action potential, ___ions rush ___ of the cell through specific ion channels
K+; out
This part of the vertebrate brain is primarily responsible for maintaining day/night (circadian) rhythm
Epithalamus/pineal gland
This network of interconnected groups of neurons scattered throughout the brain stem serves to excite the cerebrum and promote a state of wakefulness, it is called
The reticular activating system
Higher thought is a product of which part of the brain
Cerebral cortex
Guttation is a consequence of
Root pressure
Water-water bonding aids transpirational pull this is called
Ultimately, ths sink for water from a plant is mediated by the _____which allow water to exit the plant
The most abundant neuroglia cell in the brain supports neuronal metabolism and may even modulate neuronal signaling, it is called an
A human being decides to eat a salad of greens. At what trophic level is the person eating
The black cottonwood extends from Alaska through Oregon, but it is confined to flood plains. The black cottonwood has a narrow
If a voltage-gated K+ ion channel were activated (opened), what would be the effect on the plasma membrane
The greatest number of organisms would be expected to exist at which trophic level
Primary producers
Regarding population growth, in the Logistic Growth Model, as the number of individuals in a population, N, approaches the carrying capacity, K, the rate of growth
Slows down as N approaches K
Ultimately, all solutes that enter the xylem are "filtered" through a plasma cell membrane by virute of the
Casparian strip
Bill length in the Rock Nuthatch varies among poplulations found in Greece, Iran, and China. This is an example of
Character displacement
A common cause of "overshoot" of the carrying capacity is
Predator removal
In the plants, co-transport of solutes is mediated by
Hydrogen ions
Which of the following characteristics does not describe monocots
Vascular bundles in stem arranged in circular pattern
Which of the following place limits on habitat
Local climate, suitable soil, suitable vegetation, competition with other species
A group of individuals of the same species with the potential to interact is a
High plant and animal diversity is characteristic of this terrestrial equatorial biome
Tropical rain forest
Poison arrow dart frogs are brightly colored as a warning to would be predators. The frogs will lose their toxin if maintained in captivity however. This is because
They obtain their toxin from their diet of exotic fungi
Heat is transferred from warmer equatorial regions to cooler regions by virtue of
Wind and Ocean currents
An example of an abiotic factor is
Wind, light, magnetic forces, and gravity
Two species cannot co-exist indefinetly when utilizing the same limited resources. This is termed
Competitive exclusion