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What is the process of converting nitrogen into usable forms by bacteria and lightning is?
Nitrogen fixation
Infectious disease is caused by?
The product of translation is?
Protein and amino acids
Shat occurs after a fire
Secondary succession
A ribose sugar, phosphate group and a base together form a.
What is the climax community for our area'
Beach, maple,oak trees
What are the taxa groups in order.
Domain,kingdom,phylum,Class,order,family,genus, species
Which system delivers nutrients to our cells
Circulatory system
Where does translation occur
What replaces thymine in RNA molecule
How a trait appears is called
Structures with similar patterns, like the forearms of mammals are called...
When the environment is selecting for two extremes of a polygenic trait, it is disruptive. What is it called when it is selecting for just one extreme
Which molecule controls chemical reactions, builds,cell parts, and helps determine what you look like
What is the driving force behind evolution
Natural selection
Evolution that results when species become more similar due it simiar environmental pressures is called
Stuctures with similar functions are Called
Who is Gregor mendel
The father of genetics
Which type of inheritance pattern produces a third phenotype which is a blending of both alleles
Evolution that results when species become more similar due to similar environmental pressures is
Which type of inheritance shows a wide range of phenotypes?
What biome do we live in?
What do u call the series of paired questions used to classify an organism
Dictomous key
What is an example if comparative anatomy
Dissection of a rat
Infecionois diseases are caused by
What is a carrier
Heterozygous for a receive disease
What is mutation
Changes in the DNA
What is the job of proteins
Building and repairing cells
What do antibiotics kill
What is geographic isolation
Two populations are separated by geographic barriers
What is natural selection
Survival and reproduction of organisms that are best adapted to the enviornment
What is cancer
Uncontroled cell division caused by changes in DNA
What is point shift mutation
There is a substitution in a single base pair
What is frame shift mutation
There has been a deletion or insertion
Why are invasions species bad
They have no competition or preditors
In the carbon cycle which process Converts co2 into sugar
Which process converts sugar into co2
What is binomeal nominclature
A two name naming system that includes genus And the specific epithet
Leg bones in snakes, Pelvis in whales and rail bone in humans are examples of
Vestigial structures
What is a producer
What is a karyotype
A droid set of chromosomes arranged in pairs by decreasing size
What is a monosomy
When one chromosome is missing
What is trisomy
One extra chromosome
Who developed our current method of naming systems
Carlous linaeous
What two things provide genetic variety for Evolution
Mutations and sexual reproduction
What is a codon
A sequence of three nitrogen bases on MRNA Strand
Which biome has little rainfall
Desert, tundras, and grasslands
What is a test cross used for
To determine If something is a genotype If homozygous dominant or heterozygous
What is infectious disease
Caused by pathogen
DNA nucleotide is composed of
Phosphate, Deoxyribose, and Nitrogen base