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The most notable thing about Homo naledi is the way it was found and also where it was found. In 2013, two explorers spotted some fossils in a remote cave that was inside the Rising Star cave system, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa. The cave, where the remains were found, was about 30 meters below the surface and was only accessible by going through more than 80 meters of narrow passages.
As of 2015, 1550 fossil fragments have been discovered belonging to at least fifteen people, all from different age groups among the newborn to the elderly. There is almost every bone from the body displayed in more than one fossil. So far, all of the fossils that have been excavated have been found in a tiny portion, one square meter, of the floor of this cave. This discovery is incredibly rare for the world of anthropology and archaeology.
As anthropologists and others continue to excavate and research Homo naledi, they have come to a confident theory that the cave was never directly open to the surface. There is no surface sediment present on the floor of this cave. It is theorized that Homo naledi
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I was under the impression that most fossils we have were discovered in the more distant past. As I reading more information about this fossil, it was a really interesting discovery. The location of the fossils was another thing that I found interesting. The fact that the fossils were found at the bottom of a fairly inaccessible cave drew me in. The theories that were hypothesized were interesting to read because it gave me some insight on how anthropologists work and it also gave me some insight on how other excavated sights were theorized, as in, how other hominins got where they got or how other hominins went extinct. Another area of interest was the bone structure. There were comparisons between bones from before Homo naledi as well as comparisons between more modern and recent

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