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beta blocker uses
1. angina
2. MI
3. SVT - metoprolol and esmolol class II antiarrhythmics decrease AV conduction
4. htn - decrease CO and decrease renin
5. CHF
6. glaucoma - timolol decreases secretion aqueous humor
beta blocker toxicity
1. impotence
2. exacerbation asthma
3. cardio - bradycardia, AV block, CHF
4. CNS - seizures, sedation, sleep alteration
- use with caution in diabetics
- combo CCB cause arrest/bradycardia
beta 1 selective antagonists
1. acebutolol (partial agonist)
2. betaxolol
3. esmolol (short acting)
4. atenolol
5. metoprolol
- use in comorbid pulmonary dz
non selective beta antagonists
1. propranolol
2. timolol
3. nadolol
4. pindolol
5. carvedilol - also inhibit alpha via arrestin pathway
6. labetaolol - also inhibit alpha via arrestin pathway
- nonselective blockers decrease gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis so be careful in diabetics
partial beta agonists
1. pindolol
2. acebutolol
also class III antiarrhythmic due K channel blocking properties