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NuleoTide vs nucleoside
T for 3 P + sugar + Base --------- base are A-G --- GTU
Purine vs Pyrimidine
A-G -------------- C - U - T (wt extra CH3)
NucleoTide function and synthesis
DNA-RNA ----- A-G-C-U-TP ------- N-F-AD- CoA ---------- UDP glucose ----- 95% made in Liver --- Brain --- Immune cells
U - T ---------- U extra OH at 2nd ------ T extra CH3 at top
Purine synthesis
PPP -- Ribose 5 P --------- remove and replace OH by 2 P (ATP) rate control step ------------- 2 P is replaced by nucleic acid base (AG-TCU)
Folate roles in Purine and Pyrimidine synthesis
Folate roles in Purine and Pyrimidine synthesis
provide Gly (from Ser)---------------------- carry formyl N10-Formyl-FH4 twice
IMP (Carbonyl C=O on top) can turn into ______
IMP (Carbonyl C=O on top) can turn into ______
DNA synthesis dGTp and dADP and ribonucleotide reductase
AMP ------- ADP --------- RR (dATP) -------- dADP ========= GMP -- GDP ---- RR (sATP) ----------- dGDP ----- dGTP
RNA synthesis GTP and ATP
GMP ------ GDP ---- GTP ========== AMP ----- ADP ----- ATP
Ribonucleotide reductase is blocked by (2)___________
dATP ---------- hydroxyurea (anticancer)
Ribonucleotide reductase is
reduce NDP to dNDP taking away O at 2nd (in U only)
immunodeficiency is cause by
purine nucleoside phosphorylase or adenosine deaminase.
Adenosine deaminase deficiency ---- no C-T-G (lot of dATP feedback inh)
Adenosine deaminase deficiency ---- no C-T-G (lot of dATP feedback inh) --- no Adeno is no CTG vs Purine CT only
increases [dATP] 100x. Synthesis of other 3 dNTP blocked - T and B cells affected ------------- inh SAM --- can't methylate also
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency ------ no C-T (-TP) less severe only T
Purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency ------ no C-T (-TP) less severe only T ----------- dGTP will block CT vs
increases [dGTP]. Synthesis of dCTP and dTTP blocked – T cells affected ---------------
Hypoxanthine-Guanine Phospho ribosyl transferase deficiency -------------- uric acid in the brain
causes Lesch-Nyhan syndrome by increasing hypoxanthine and guanine concentrations , increased uric acid ------------- genetic no HGPRT 2 yrs male ----- hostile - retarded - mutilate (lips, toes, fingers) - no txt for neuro just allopurinol
Gout formed by break down of __________
GMP and AMP -------------------to Hypo_xanthine and xanthine (less problematic crystals) ------------------ uric acid very insoluble -------------- kidney stone --------- joint inflammation -------- dehydrate --- cold (far away from heart) cause more precipitation
Alloprurinol vs Colcicin and Probe-necid
suicide inhibitor (no uric acid form but xanthine crystal instead) --------- immune suppression (prevent immune sys to attack crystal -- no inflame) -------- block kidney uric reabsorption ----------- no meat- seafood-peas-beer- lot water exercise ngan nuoc nong
Orotic Aciduria cause by defect of _____ 2 enz (oro) --CTP-cCTP-UTP-dTTP-UMP
OROtate P trans and OROtidyl deCarb--- cant make UMP -- then UCT ------> no DNA-RNA ---> megaloblastic --------- too much Orotate ---> kidney stone --- no ATP ---> weakness
Hydorxyurea --- Adeno ---- Purine --- vs Methotrexate--5FU
Ribonucleotide reductase (no DNA) ---------- too much dATP no TCG (the G that is in Purine) ------too much dGTT can't make TC --- block FH2 to FH4 and no 5-10 CH3 FH4 to turn dUMP to dTMP (thymilase synthase)
Orotic Aciduria symptom
Megaloblatic anaemia (no T) ----------- fail to thrive - cardiac - spare hair - crystaluria -- ureteric obstruction --- immune fuct - retard no phospholipid - UDP -- no glycogen -- cant sit up straight
Folate vs Cobalamin
turn Ser to Gly and make sandwich N10-CH3-FH4 ----------------- can't carry CH3 from FH4 to give to T
Sulfa drug ____ sulfa-nil-amide
block bacteria F synthesis --- sulfa-nil-amide has the same structure of PABA in the middle of folate
Lesch Nyhan
no HGPRT---------- too much hypoxanthine ---- gout int h brain --- aggressive --- mutilate finger-toe-
Adenosine Deamine --- TCG --- dATP
too much Adenosine --- too much dATP ----- cant make dT-C-G-TP ---- can't make DNA
Purine Nucleotide Phosphorylase Deficiency (no TC) - dGTP
too mcy Guranosine ---- to much dGTP only ------------- block CT ------- dCTP and dTDP--- less DNA
Orotic Aciduria (no TCU)
Orotic Aciduria decreases DNA and RNA synthesis by decreasing UTP, CTP, dTTP and cCTP
hydroxyurea blocks
ribonucleotide reductase ------------- cant reduce OH to H only ---- ribose diphosphate to deoxyribose diphosphate
xanthine oxidase
lynche --- bite finger
orotidylate decarboxylase - TCU
orotic acid -- can't make UMP
dihydrofolate reductase
cant turn FH2 to FH4 =-- block at same site of trexale --- similar structure of FH2