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structural isotopes

same molecular formula but diffentnt structures isomers come from the positions of function groups and arrangement of carbon chain

homologous seris

a series of organic compounds with same function group but different number of CH2 e.g. alkanes alkenes alchols halogenalkanes

functional groups

group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a compound

alkane c-c

alkene c=c

alcohol -OH

halogenalkane -i -f -cl -br

aldyhde c=o ----- al


carboxylic adic c=oH

genural formula

alkane: CnH2n+2

alkene: CnH2n

alcohol: CnH2n+1OH

cycloalkane: CnH2n

cycloalkene: CnH2n-2

haloalkane : CnH2n+1X