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A system that combines the use of hydraulics and pneumatics is known by what term?
Hydraulic flight control system design specifications require what total number of separate systems for operation of the primary flight controls?
What type of hydraulic system has fluid flow but no pressure in the system when the actuating mechanisms are idle?
An open-center system.
What is the major difference between an open-center hydraulic system and a closed-center hydraulic system?
The closed-center hydraulic systems selector or directional control valves are arranged in parallel and not in series.
What is the advantage of the open-center hydraulic system over the closed-center hydraulic system?
Continuous pressurization of the system is eliminated.
The hydraulic control valves and actuators that operate the primary flight controls are of what type construction?
Tandem construction.
There are a total of how many classes of hydraulic reservoirs?
The fluid quantity of a non-pressurized reservoir is indicated by a float and arm
liquidometer. The liquidometer is operated by what means?
Mechanically operated.
In an air-pressurized reservoir, the fluid quantity is indicated by what means?
The distance the piston rod protrudes from the reservoir end cap.
Hydraulic systems that require the use of hand pumps are classified as what type of system?
Emergency systems.
What type of hydraulic pump does not require the use of external pressure regulators or unloading valves?
Variable displacement pumps.
What type of hydraulic pump is usually driven by a dc wound electric motor?
Gear-type pump.
The piston-type pump (Stratopower variable displacement), Model 65WB06006, rated at
3,000 psi is capable of delivering how many gallons of fluid per minute?
13 gallons of fluid per minute at 3,800 rpm.
Why are relief valves installed in aircraft hydraulic systems?
To relieve excessive pressurized fluid caused from thermal expansion, pressure surges, and the failure of a hydraulic pump’s compensator or other regulating devices.
To increase the opening pressure of a thermal relief valve, what action must you take?
Turn the adjusting screw clockwise.
In a hydraulic system, what is the purpose of the motor-operated shutoff valve?
To shut off the flow of hydraulic fluid to the engine in case of an engine fire.
What is the maximum allowable temperature for any type of military aircraft hydraulic system?
A radiator-type hydraulic fluid cooler uses what medium for cooling?
Engine fuel.
What component is used to conserve space and provide a means where common fluid lines may come together?
A manifold.
What are the three basic units of a hydraulic filter assembly?
A head assembly, a bowl, and a filter element.
What type of noncleanable filter element is used on most naval aircraft?
5 micron (absolute).
The differential pressure indicator on a filter assembly is reset by what means once the button is extended?
To prevent fluid loss when the bowl has been removed, most filter assemblies incorporate
what item in the head?
An automatic shutoff valve.
How many general types of accumulators are used on naval aircraft?
What is the correct method to preload an accumulator?
Pressurize the fluid chamber with compressed air to a predetermined charge.
To indicate the amount of pressure in a hydraulic system, naval aircraft use what two types of pressure gauges?
Direct reading and synchro (electric) type.
What component is used to damper out system pressure surges that could cause possible damage to gauges and pressure transmitters and prevent cockpit hydraulic indicators from oscillating and fluctuating?
A gauge and pressure transmitter snubber or snubbers.
What are the three methods currently used for driving emergency system pumps on naval aircraft?
Electric-motor driven, ram-air turbine driven, or hand-operated.
What component initiates extension of the ram-air turbine assembly?
A spring-loaded turbine actuator.
A chemical air dryer cartridge is NOT contaminated when it is what color?