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What are the two basic types of hose used in military aircraft and related equipment?
Synthetic rubber and Teflon®.
What material is used to cover a Teflon® hose?
Braided stainless steel wire.
How is a synthetic rubber hose identified?
Indicator stripe and markings stenciled along the length of the hose.
A hose fitting consists of what separate parts?
Nipple, socket, swivel nut or flange, and the sleeve.
What color is an aluminum alloy 2024 hose fitting?
How are commercially manufactured hose assemblies identified?
Identified by a band near one end of the assembly.
How are locally fabricated hose assemblies identified?
Hose assembly identification tag or label.
What type of cover is used to protect a hose assembly that is subjected to high temperatures?
All hose assemblies manufactured in a shop must have what test completed before they are installed on an aircraft?
Either a hydraulic or pneumatic pressure test.
What is the first thing you must do when you discover a swivel nut leaking?
Check for proper torque.
What is the acceptance life for a synthetic rubber hose assembly?
Eight years (32 quarters) from the cure date.
What is the service life of a synthetic rubber hose assembly that is exposed to the weather, fuel, or heat?
Seven years (28 quarters).
How are rigid tubing assemblies sized?
Outside diameter and wall thickness.
What type of tubing is used in a high-pressure hydraulic system that has 3000 psi or above?
Corrosion-resistant steel (CRES).
What type of tubing is used for general-purpose lines?
Aluminum alloy tubing.
What color is a carbon steel tube fitting?
What manual must you refer to when fabricating a tube assembly?
NA 01-1A-20.
What is the primary objective when cutting a piece of tubing?
To produce a square end free from burrs.
What must be done to a tube immediately after it has been cut?
Remove all burrs.
What is the primary objective when bending a piece of tubing?
Obtain a smooth bend without flattening the tube.
What are the two types of tube joints used on naval aircraft?
Flared and flareless.
What is used to lubricate the threads of a hydraulic line prior to installation?
MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid.
What is the preferred cleaner for cleaning a tube assembly?
Dry-cleaning solvent MIL-PRF-680.
The depth of a dent in a tube assembly must not exceed what percentage of the tubing diameter?
Twenty percent.
How many different types of repairs can be made on a tube assembly?
Two, permanent and temporary.