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Aircraft wheels are made from what two materials?
aluminum or magnesium alloy
What are the two general types of wheels used on naval aircraft?
divided and demountable flange
On a demountable flange wheel, what holds the flange in place?
a lockring
What is the basic unit of an aircraft wheel assembly?
the wheel casting
All main landing gear wheel braking components are attached to the wheel casting. What do these components consist of?
brake drum or brake drive keys
What are the two major causes of aircraft wheel failures?
corrosion and loss of bearing lubrication
What solvent should be used to clean bearings, bearing cups, wheel bores, and grease retainers?
P-D-680, type II
Before installing felt grease retainers, what should you soak them in?
VVL 800
During wheel installation, how far do you back off the axle nut when the wheel no longer spins freely?
one castellation(1/6th turn)
Where can you find the procedures for aircraft wheel installation?
applicable MIM
What activity determines wheel overhaul requirements?
IMA intermediate maintenance activity
To what manual should you refer to find information on cleaning aircraft wheels?
NA 04-10-1
A fuse plug can be kept in service if the eutectic core material does NOT extend what maximum distance above the surface of the hex nut?
1/16 inch
What grease should you use to repack wheel bearings?
MIL-G-81322 grease
What is the recommended method for repacking bearings?
pressure method
gouges, nicks, and pockmards on the outside ends of bearing hubs are considered significant if they exceed what depth?
0.020 inch
What part of the tire gives it tensil strength, resistance to internal pressure, and the ability to maintain its shape?
the cord body
What is the most common tread pattern design used on naval aircraft tires?
ribbed pattern
What term refers to a tires maximum recommended load for a specific type of service?
ply rating
What is the final nondestructive inspection method used for rebuilt tires?
laser beam optical holographic method
If only one numerical designation is used for a tire, what does it refer to?
the outside diameter
Where is tire-marking information recorded after a tire change?
What does R or TR followed by a number on a tire indicate?
the number of times the tire has been rebuilt
All tubeless tires and tires with tubes must be suitably vented to release trapped air if they exceed what psi?
100 psi
How are vent holes marked on tubeless tires?
a bright green dot
What type of damage is caused by sunlight?
UV damage
A tire should be sent to AIMD or IMA if it shows repeated pressure loss that exceeds what percent of the correct operating pressure?
5 percent
Tire slippage marks are what color?
How often should slippage marks on aircraft tires be inspected?
after each flight
What explosionproof, bead-breaking equipment is intended for shipboard use?
An aircraft inner tube can still be reused up to what maximum age?
5 years
How are tubeless tires identified?
by the word tubeless on the sidewall
During tire inflation, the setting on the pressure regulator should NEVER exceed what psi?
How often is a remote tire inflator assembly required to be calibrated?
every 6 months
After inflating an aircraft tire, what is the minimum time you must wait before checking for a detectable pressure loss?
10 min
A nonserviceable tire that has been "H" coded is considered to be in what condition?
What solution should be used to clean tires that have come into contact with grease, oil, and other harmful materials?
soap and water
What will cause a tire to wear faster in the center?
A type III tire is used with what type of tube?
type III
Radial vent ridges molded on the surface are found on what type (s) of inner tubes?
type III and type VII
to prevent sticking, used tubes should be dusted with what substance?
Small leaks in tubes can be detected by using what type of check?
soapy water check
If an inner tube is free of leaks and defects, it is considered to be in what category?
A nonserviceable inner tube that has bent, chafed, or damaged metal valve threads should be classified as what type of tube?