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What type of brake assembly has its own reservoir and is entirely independent of the aircraft’s main hydraulic system?
Independent type.
On a Goodyear master brake cylinder, how is the hydraulic fluid fed from the external reservoir to the master cylinder?
What method is used to bleed a brake system employing a Goodyear master cylinder?
Top down method.
The main system pressure in a power boost brake system is used for what function?
Used only to assist pedal movement.
Because of the weight and size, what type of brake system is used on aircraft requiring a large volume of fluid to operate the brakes?
Power brake control valve system.
What connects the brake pedal linkage to the control valve of the power brake control valve (pressure ball type)?
Tuning fork.
What is the purpose of the brake debooster cylinder?
It reduces the pressure to the brake and increases the volume of fluid flow.
With the exception of those aircraft equipped with independent-type brake systems, what additional brake systems are provided?
Emergency brake systems.
What types of disc brakes are usually installed on medium-sized aircraft?
Multiple or trimetallic disc brakes.
On disc brake assemblies, brake linings are often referred to by what name?
When are operational checks on disc brakes usually performed?
When the aircraft is being taxied.
What types of brakes are used on aircraft where more braking friction is desired with lower pressures?
Dual disc brakes.
What is the total number of pucks installed on dual disc brakes?
Sixteen (16).
What traps a predetermined amount of fluid in the brake to give correct clearance between the rotating discs and the stationary discs in multiple/trimetallic brake systems?
Automatic adjuster.
What types of brakes are designed for high-pressure hydraulic systems and are considered heavy-duty brakes?
Segmented rotor.
What type of brake system uses utility or main hydraulic system pressure from the aircraft, which allows for higher brake line pressure?
Power brake system.
What is used to check the reservoir fluid level on an independent brake system?
Sight gauge.
What power source should be removed from the aircraft prior to operationally checking the emergency braking system?
External hydraulic and electrical power.
During the operational check of the braking system, the antiskid light will illuminate when the antiskid switch is placed in what position?
When checking brake linings, what is the wear limitation that requires the entire set of linings to be replaced?
Worn to a thickness of less than 1/16th (one-sixteenth) inch.
How many minutes must the emergency brake system be purged with heated nitrogen?
15 (fifteen) minutes.
When you bleed aircraft brake systems, what factor generally determines the method to be used?
In the bottom-up method of bleeding a brake system, what is the portable tank called that supplies the pressure?
Bleeder bomb.
What is the minimum period of time that an overheated wheel brake assembly must be allowed to cool in ambient air?
45 (forty five) minutes.
After a brake reservoir has been cleaned and cure-date parts have been installed, how many minutes should the reservoir be submerged in a tank of water to check for leaks?
2 (two) minutes.
What substance should all internal parts of the power brake valve be immersed in before reassembly?
Filtered, clean hydraulic fluid.
How much hydraulic test stand pressure is required to perform an operational test on a power brake valve?
0 to 4,500 psi.
What fluid should be applied to all sealing devices during reassembly of the master brake cylinder?
Hydraulic fluid.
What device should be installed on the end of a piston rod before disassembling a master brake cylinder to prevent personal injury due to preload of the springs?
An AM350-4 nut.
What letters are used after the applicable step to identify steps that require quality assurance verification in the Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIM)?
During single or dual brake assembly maintenance, what prevents the piston from returning to its original position when the brakes are released?
An adjusting spring.
What fastness the wheel brake disc guide linings to the disc guide?
How long should you hold the brake pressure when testing for fluid leakage and proper operation on the duel disc brake assembly?
Two (2) minutes.
As brake disc wear occurs, what components provide automatic adjustment through the split collar?
Adjusting pins.
What is the minimum percentage of the circumference allowed on rivets used on the wear pad of the formed head flush with the sides of the countersunk area?
Fifty (50) percent.
What rating is generally responsible for troubleshooting and trouble analysis of the antiskid system?
AE (Aviation Electrician).