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3 primary functions of the FAA
1- rule making
2- making of long-term policy
3- enforcement of its rules
the FAA is currently governed under which branch of the US goverment
Department of Transportation
2 parties in the legal system and what their role is
1- plantiff --> one bring the suit
2- defendant --> one being sued
what is the difference b/t the judges role and the jury's role
judge- to determine questions of the law
jury- hear the evidence presented and determine questions of fact
adversary legal system
it is the job of the lawyer to advocate a client's position w/in the bounds of the rule of the law and the ethical constraints the govern us
foreign jurisdiction
jurisdiction within the US but dealing w/ another state
stare decisis
"law of the binding precedent" - judges would find any particular law to apply to particular cases
our current legal system comes from where
the English common law system