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marketing channel
a channel consisting of individuals & firms involved in the psocess of making a product or service available for use or consumption by consumers
types of intermediaries
3 functions of intermediaries and what r they
1- transactional-> buying, selling & risk taking
2- logistical-> assorting, storing, sorting & transporting
3- facilitating-> financing, grading, marketing info
marketing channels help create value for consumers through what 4 utilities?
time-> when
place-> where
form-> enhancing, make it appealing
possession-> help take hold
difference b/t direct & indirect channels
DC- producer & consumer deal w/ each other directly
IDC- channels by which intermediaries r inserted b/t the producer & consumer & perform numerous channel fncts.
business goods, consumer goods - which channels r shorter & y?
business, b/c business users r fewer in number, r more geographically concentrated, & buy in larger quantities
industrual distributor
intermediary that performs a variety of mark channel fnct(selling, stocking, & delivering a full prod assortment)
direct marketing channels
allows consumers to buy products by interacting w/ various advertising media w/o a face2face meeting w/ a salesperson
ex.- HSN, catalog, mail-ordering service
dual distribution
when a firm reasches different buyers by employing 2 or more different types of channels for the same basic product
strategic channel alliances
where one firm's marketing channel is used to sell another firm's products
ex: Kraft uses its marketing 2 sell Starbucks in supermarkets