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____________ includes self-employed individuals and funded business entities and organizations providing security-related services to specific clientele for a fee.

Private Security

Security services in which the security force is hired and controlled directly by the protected organization are called:


A hybrid system is a combination of:

Proprietary & Contract security

Which of the following is NOT of the basic trends of security services?

Regulate Training and Standards

Attract better qualified individuals

Disarm security personnel

(All of the above)

The operations that are `in-house', or controlled entirely by the company establishing security for its operations is called:

Proprietary Security Operations

Which of the following is NOT the advantage of contract services?


Which of the following is NOT the advantage of proprietary officers?


Administrative workload is substantially decreased when which service is employed?


A good hybrid security operation consists of which component?

Engaged Corporate Liaison

consistent contract management support

accurate quality measurements

(All of the above)

A person who already knows and understands the basics of loss prevention and security is known as:

Engaged Liaison

The three keys to a successful contact are:

accessibility, meetings, & resource management

The relationship between the two groups continues to be strained because of which key issue?

Perceived competition

Provision of services in borderline of responsibility

Moonlight policies for public police

(All of Above)

Private security functions are not essentially client orientated; public law enforcement functions are society or community oriented.


Private sector will become increasingly involve in crime prevention; public law enforcement will then be free to concentrate more heavily on violent crimes and crime response.


Those who are delegated authority in the direct chain of command to accomplish specific organizational objectives are known as:

Line Executives