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FM 7-22

Army Physical Readiness Training

AR 600-9

Army Body Composition Program

FM 3-22.9

Rifle Marksmanship

TC 7-22.7

NCO Guide

AR 623-3


ATP 6-22.1


AR 600-20

Army Command Policy

ADP 6-22

Army Leadership

AR 670-1

Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms

AR 600-8-22

Military Awards

TC 7-21.13

The Soldiers Guide

ADP 3-0

(Unified Land) Operations

ADP 5-0


ADP 7-0


ADP 6-0

Mission Command

TC 3-25.26

Land Navigation

AR 27-10

Military Justice

AR 25-50

Preparing and Managing Correspondence

Who is allowed to cut a part in their hair?

Soldiers who do not have a natural part in their hair

What appearance should a male's hair take?

Tapered appearance.

What is meant by tapered appearance?

Outline of hair conforms to shape of the head

What is the shortest a female's hair can be?

1/4 inch

How often do commanders have to perform checks to ensure soldiers are in compliance with the tattoo policies?


If commanders find soldiers with prohibited tattoos what will they do?

They will counsel the soldier in writing.

Provide soldier no less than 15 days to seek legal/medical help. In which they have an option to appeal.

If soldier opts for removal of tattoo, commander will counsel on plan to schedule medical procedure.

AR 670-1 Chapter 4

Combat uniform



-t shirt






AR 670-1 Chapter 11

Dress Uniform

Class A's v Class B's

Class A - everything

Class B - no jacket , if wearing short sleeve neck tie/tab not required.

When are awards prohibited to be worn?

-On any uniform other than those in regulation

-When serving sentence of confinement

-When wearing civilian attire

Types of Counseling

Event oriented

Professional Growth


What is counseling?

It's the process by which a leader reviews the performance and potential of their subordinates

Leader Competencies

Lead, develop, achieve

Leader Attributes

Character, presence, intellect


Someone who successfully leads, trains, and motivates others

Preparatory Drills

1. Bend and Reach

2. Rear Lunge

3. High Jumper

4. Squat Bender

5. Forward Lunge

6. Windmill

7. Rower

8. Bent Leg Body Twist

9. Prone Row

10. Push Up

Recovery Drill

1. Overhead Arm Pull

2. Rear Lunge

3. Extend and Flex

4. Thigh Stretch

5. Single Leg Over

What is mission command?

The authority and direction provided by the commander by using mission orders.

What is the commander's intent?

The clear and precise expression of the purpose of an operation.

Army Community Service

AR 608-1

Types of NCOERs

1. Annual

2. Change of Rater

3. Relief For Cause

4. Complete the Record

5. 60 Day Rater Option

6. 60 Day Senior Rater Option

7. Temp Duty, Special Assignment, Compassionate Assignment

Who is in charge of establishing rating chains?

Commanders, commadants, and organizational leaders

When are rating chains established? Why?

At the beginning of the rating period.

It allows rating officials to properly execute roles and responsibilites in the evaluation process.

Who is the rater?

The immediate supervisor of the rated soldier.

When is a supplementary review required?

When an NCO in the rating chain of the soldier is a SFC to MSG/1SG.

Can the rater also be the senior rater?

Yes as long as he or she meets the minimum senior rater grade/rsbk requirement and commander hasn't restricted it.

When is a Change of Rater Report required?

-When rated NCO stops serving under the immediate supervisor and minimum rating qualifications are met.

-rated NCO is reduced to the rank of SPC

When is an Annual Report required?

Upon completion of 1 calendar year of duty

What is "relief for cause?"

It is the removal of an NCO from a specific duty or assignment.

8 Step Training Model

1. Plan

2. Train the trainers

3. Recon the site

4. Issue the Order

5. Rehearse

6. Execute

7. Evaluate the Training

8. Retrain

How many mils in one degree?

17.78 mils

What are the colors of the map and what do they represent?

Black- man made features

Blue- water

Green- vegetation

Brown- elevation

Red- main roads

Where is the legend located in a map?

Lower left margin

What are contour lines?

Imaginary lines that represent high and low elevation

What are 3 types of contour lines?

Index, supplementary, and intermediate

How many Norths are there in a military map?


True North

Magnetic North

Grid North

5 major terrain features






How many mils are there in a circle?

6400 mils in 360 degrees

Name two ways to hold a compass

Compass to cheek method

Center hold method

What is back azimuth?

The opposite direction of an azimuth

How do you figure out a back azimuth?

If the azimuth is less than 180 degrees add 180 degrees. If the azimuth is 180 degrees or more subtract 180 degrees

Name two ways to orient a map

Compass and terrain association

What is the purpose of a map?

A map provides information of locations, distance between ground features such as populated places and routes of travel and communication

What are the two types of memorandums?

Formal and informal

Formal- outside the headquarters, command or installation

Informal- correspondence within the same command or installation

What does AR 25-50 Chapter 6 cover?

Authority lines and signatures