Developmental Counseling Approaches

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Developmental counseling is very complex process, that may benefit supervisor and employees, if it used in the right manner. Every manager must know how to use counseling. In this will paper we will review a basic counseling approaches, and show the basic structure of the counseling session. Let’s begin with the purpose of developmental counseling. Every work place has a stressful situations, that may lead to the issues affecting work performance. and developmental consoling one of the tools, that manager should use to correct employee’s actions and avoid a bigger problems in the future. But this process is a shared effort, when supervisor assist employee in identifying strengths and weaknesses, and creating plans of action. Also, they …show more content…
According to the Air Force Professional Development Guide those three main skills: active listening, responding and questioning. Of course, counseling can be different, it depend on situation and employee’s situation. But those three skills will help to develop a path for counseling in general. Active listening will show employee that supervisor have an interest in his/her case. It can be done by eye contact, head shaking or nodding, articulations or simply verbally. This phase lead supervisor to respond his employee. Respond can be done by additional questions, that will help to understand the information, or by the simple conformation. An one of most important skills -questioning. This skill supervisor must use with caution, because to many questions may cause a change in relationships and employee may become defensive. The best way to execute this skill is to ask open-ended questions, this will help to continue conversation and push employee to give more information.
All those skills and qualities must be used combined through the concealing process. This s not a few minutes process, or just simple question - “how you doing?”. Most of research papers suggests that counseling process consist of seven or eight different stages. But it, can be easily narrow down to four step program - identification of the need, preparation, conduct of counseling and follow up (“Air Force Professional development
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For example, hotel manager have to supervise employees from different departments and sections. This is bringing the diversity of tasks, and challenges to the manager’s position. This is why, manager must have strong interpersonal communicational skills and be aware how to hold counseling. This research paper shows a basic steps, in developmental counseling, that will assist the supervisor to succeed. Supervisor should always be on top of the situation in the workplace, and be a first person to whom employees should address their issues. This is difficult to take a good care about the other’s problems. But, if the manager, will do it in the proper way, it will help him to gain a respect from employees and benefit a whole

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