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Who is Sir Walter Raleigh?

A wealthy court favorite of Queen Elizabeth 1 who in 1583 inherited a patent authorizing establishment of a colony. He made and failed three attempts to start a settlement on Roanoke Island

What is Roanoke(1584-1590)

The first attempted settlement of North America by the English. The first two attempts failed and the third disappeared mysteriously.

What is Jamestown and when was it established?

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the New World, established by John Smith in 1607

What was the headright system?

A system used in early Virginia to encourage immigration to the new world by giving 50 acres of land to any settler who brought an immigrant

What was the House of Burgesses and when was it established?

The House of Burgesses was the first elected legislature in the colonies and was composed of two representatives from each plantation whom met with the governor and council to frame laws for Virginia. It was established in 1619

What was Bacon's Rebellion and when did it happen?

A rebellion led by Nathaniel Bacon composing of thousands of angry back-country men against governor Berkeley of Virginia because he refused to fight the Indians who were attacking settlements because he wanted to preserve the fur trade

Who were the Anglicans?

Worshippers of the religion start by Henry the eighth because of marital disputes with the pope. Henry established a church(Church of England) almost identical to the Roman Catholic Church except it was led by the king instead of the pope.

Who was Henry Calvert(Lord Baltimore)?

A prominent English Catholic who was seeking a haven for other Catholics. In 1632, he received the land grant first promised to his father and made Maryland into a haven for all Christians

What was Maryland's Act of Toleration and when was it established?

An act to allow freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Protestants and Catholics. Established in 1649

What were Cavaliers(Catholics)?

Loyal supporters of King Charles I whom fled to Maryland after he was decapitated

Who was James Oglethorpe?

A prominent humanitarian who led a group of proprietors and settlers to Georgia in 1732. He led the colonists to victory over the Spanish and the Indians and was the most important founder of Georgia

What was the Plymouth Colony?

Pilgrims and separatists who, in 1620, landed at Plymouth, Mass. in search of religious freedom but who were persecuted for wanting to separate from the Church of England so the emigrated to the New World on the Mayflower

What was the Mayflower Compact and when was it established?

It was established in 1620 and was an agreement signed by 41 adult males before landing at Plymouth by the Separatists why made all settlers consent to majority rule

What was the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Puritans and Non-separatists who, in the 1630's, colonized Massachusetts in present day Boston. Governed and led by John Winthrop

Who was John Winthrop?

He led 1000 Puritans to America in 1630 and was elected governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Who were Puritans?

Led by John Winthrop to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution. They followed the teachings of John Calvin and believed that the state could force all people to live and worship in an orthodox way

What was the Cambridge Agreement and when was it made?

It was an agreement made in 1629 that bound John Winthrop and fellow Puritans to migrate to migrate to America if the British government allowed them to keep a charter which gave the Puritans virtual self government

What was the Great Puritan Migration?

The large migration of Puritans to the Massachusetts Colony between 1630 and 1640 which brought 25000 Puritans to America

What was Calvinism?

A doctrine created by John Calvin in 1534 which rejected the authority of the Roman Catholic church and relied on the Bible as the source of religious truth. It also stressed the predestination of of every person to grace in harmony with God or damnation in separation from him

What was King Phillip's (Metacom) war and when was it?

A war from 1675 to 1676 in which the Indian chieftain King Philip destroyed dozens of towns in Massachusetts and killed hundreds of settlers because they encroached on his lands

What were the Salem Witch Trials and when were they?

A hysterical witchcraft purge which resulted in the deaths of 20 accused women in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. This incident marked the end of Puritanism

Who was Roger Williams?

A minister whom was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 because he stated that the government had no authority over the personal opinions of individuals. He founded Rhode Island in 1636 as a colony with religious freedom and established the first Baptist Church in America

Who was Anne Hutchinson?

She attacked the authority of the clergy in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by stating that they were not part of the elect. She was banished to Rhode Island in 1637 when she claimed to have spoken with the Holy Spirit. She led many merchants, young men, and women

What was the New Netherlands?

Land discovered by Henry Hudson and became a Dutch colony but in 1664 was seized by Charles II and given to the Duke of York. Was eventually named New York

What was the Patroon System?

An attempt by the Dutch West India Company to attract settlers to the New Netherlands by granting large estates to wealthy men who promised to bring a certain number of tenant farmers. The system failed due to only one patroonship being established

What were the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and when were they established?

Made in 1639 and set up in Connecticut, this was the first constitution in the colonies which enumerated the government's powers and allowed the men to vote for the governor

Who was John Davenport?

He set up the New Haven colony in 1637 which allowed only church members a voice in government. New Haven joined with other nearby towns to form the colony of Connecticut in 1662

Who was William Penn?

A Quaker, whose father disapproved of his religion and sent him to the New World, where in 1681 he set up a religious asylum in Pennsylvania for Quakers but which also invited others to live there freely

What are Quakers?

Pacifists who believe that individuals deserve recognition for their spiritual state. They swear allegiance to God.

What were Bread Colonies?

Referred to the middle colonies like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, because they export large amounts of grain

What is Mercantilism?

A theory that stated that the colonies existed to supply the Mother Country with goods that could not be produced at home, to purchase the Mother Country's goods with gold or silver, and allow themselves to be exploited in any way for the benefit of the home country

What is Sectionalism?

The differences and interests of each region in the US whether physical, environmental, or cultural. Included the North, South, and West

What was the Triangular Trade?

The Atlantic Trade in which slaves and gold from Africa, sugar, molasses, lumber and rum form the West Indies and the colonies, and manufactured goods from Europe were to be traded

What and when were the Navigation Acts

1651, 1660,1663, and 1696 that upheld England's Mercantilistic policies towards the colonies and stated that colonies could trade only with England and no other European country and also restricted colonial trade to English ships only. Were enforced by the the Admiralty Courts

What was the Great Awakening?

A religious revival in the 1730's and 1740's where the Puritans were becoming frivolous in their beliefs , so preachers gave sermons to frighten people into taking religion seriously

Who was Jonathan Edwards?

A revivalist in The Great Awakening who gave sermons to the masses. His most famous sermon was "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Who was George Whitefield?

An evangelical preacher who helped spread the flames of religious revivalism in South Carolina and became the first national figure to spread his doubts of the established churches

Who was Gilbert Tennent?

William Tennent's son whom helped undermine support for established churches. A part of the Great Awakening in which he preached revivalism

What was the Woolens Act and when was it established?

Established in 1699, it forbade the production of woolen cloth for export from the colonies but did not interfere seriously with the colonial economy

What was the Hat Act and when was it established?

Established in 1732, It prohibited the manufacturing of hats from the colonies

What was the Molasses Act and when was it established?

Established in 1733, It placed prohibitive duties on English sugar, rum, and molasses imported into North America but was never enforced

What was primogeniture and Entail?

Primogeniture was a medieval inheritance law that awarded all of a father's property to the eldest son. Entail was the regulation of the line of descent that received an estate. Attacks on these practices were led by Thomas Jefferson in the 1700s

What were indentured servants?

White colonists at the bottom of the social scale whom were poor, so they paid their passage to the New World by working for four or more years when they arrived in the colonies

What was "Poor Richard's Almanac"?

A famous publication from 1732 to 1758 by Benjamin Franklin that contained many sayings emphasizing thriftiness, industry, morality, and common sense

What were Charter(Joint Stock) Colonies?

Colonies that were owned and maintained by stockholders and whose type of government was chosen by the stockholders

What is a Proprietorship?

A colony that was given to a wealthy person to alleviate the amount of money the king invested into the colonies. The proprietor chose whatever form of government he wanted, and made laws in his colony. 5 of the original thirteen colonies started as proprietary colonies and became royal colonies

What and when was the French and Indian War?

From 1754-1760, it was a war between France and England for North America and Europe and was also known as the Seven Years War. The British ended the war by capturing Quebec and kicking the French out of North America which reasserted English control over the colonies

What and when was the Battle of Quebec?

In 1759, It was a battle between the English and French for control of North America in which, during the night, General wolf's men surrounded and took Quebec from the French

What was the Treaty of Paris 1763?

It ended the French and Indian War and gave England all of the French territory in North America.

What and when was Pontiac's Rebellion?

In 1763, Indian chief Pontiac fought the settlers moving into the Mississippi Valley because he believed that all white men were his enemies, but he was defeated by Amherst using smallpox

What was the Proclamation of 1763?

An attempt to appease the Indians and to prevent further clashes on the frontier which prohibited settlement in the area beyond the Appalachians