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Tragedy of the commons

The tendency of a shared limited resource to become depleted because people act from self-interest for short-term gain

Bureau of Land Management

An agency in the US that administers 247.3 million Acres of public land

Clear cutting

A method of harvesting trees by removing all or most trees in one area


The cost of a good or service that is not included in the purchase price

Eminent domain

The principle that permits the government to acquire a property at fair market value even if the owner doesn't wish to sell it

Exurban Lands

An area similar to a suburban area but unconnected to any Central City or densely populated area

Environmental impact study

A document outlining the scope and purpose of a development project describing the environmental context and suggesting alternative approaches

Fish and wildlife services

An agency that manages natural Wildlife refuges protects endangered species manages migratory Birds and more


Development that fills in vacant Lots within existing communities

Induced demand

The phenomenon in which increase in the supply of a good causes demand to grow

Maximum sustainable yield

The maximum amount of a renewable resource that can be harvested without compromising the future availability of that resource

Multiple use land

A u.s. classification used to designate lands that may be used for recreation grazing Timber harvesting and Mineral extraction

National Park service's

An agency of US federal government manages all national parks many national monuments and other conservation and historical properties

National Park

An area set aside with the intent of preserving a large area within an ecosystem or landscape


A 1969 US federal act that mandates and environmental assessment of all projects involving Federal money and permits

Protected land and seascapes

An area of land or sea set aside that is protected from commercial use and sometimes from visiting


A dry open grassland

Selective cutting

The method of harvesting trees that involves the removal of single trees or relatively small numbers of trees from among many in a forest

Transit-oriented development

Development that attempts to focus dense residential and Retail development around stops for public transportation

Urban sprawl

Urbanized areas that spread into rural areas removing clear boundaries between the two

Urban blight

Degradation of the built and social environments of the city that often accompanies in accelerates migration to the suburbs

Zoning regulations

A planning tool used to separate industry and business from residential neighborhoods

Tree Plantation

A large area planted with a single rapidly growing tree species