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Spanish Armada
Date: 1588
Philip II, England, Spain, Catholic Church, defeat of Spain
London Company
Date: 1607
Jamestown, Virginia, John Smith, 600 settlers
King Philip's War
Date: 1675
English Settlers, Metacomet(King Philip), Organized Indian attempt
The Great Awakening
Date: 1730s to 1740s
Religious fervor, John Edwards, George Whitfield
Royal Colony
Date: 1620s
Direct control of King, local governor/council/administer
The Middle Passage
Date: 1500-1700s
Africans, slaves, journey to america, filthy ships
Navigation Acts
Date: 1600s
Freedom from foreign competition, access to British market, taxes
Proclamation of 1763
Date: 1763 ...
control westward movement, land won from F & I war
Iroquois Confederacy
Date: 1776
combination of Indian nations, ended up splitting during war
Townshend Acts
Date: 1766
William Pitt, tax on common products (lead, paper, glass) largely ignored
Olive Branch Petition
Date: 1775
Ditch effort by South to stay out of war; failed
Date: 1776-1781
Colonists supporting the British during the war
Stamp Act Congress
Date: 1765
petition against rightful taxation
Battle of Yorktown
Date: 1781
American and French victory; ended revolution. Cornwallis defeated
Direct/Indirect Taxes
Date: 1760s
Indirect- tax collected through different intermediates;Direct=direct
Date: 1585
Sir Walter Raleigh, lost colony, named Virginia
Date: 1607
First successful colony, London Company
Date: 1620
Massachusetts Colony, pilgrims, New England settlement
New Netherlands
Date: 1614
Dutch colonization, various trading posts
The enlightenment
Date: 1700s
Age of Reason, intellectual rise, response to Dark Ages
Proprietary Colony
Date: 1600s
Colony which the king gave land to one or more people called proprieters
Indentured Servants
Date: 1600s
unfree laborerer under contract work