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What are the eight newborn reflexes?
Grasping, rooting, sucking, moro,Babinski, Tonic neck (fencing), Positive support, and stepping
Grasping reflex
An infant's clinging response to a touch on th palm of his or her hand
Rooting reflex
An infant's response in turning toward the source of touching that occurs anywhere around his or her mouth
Sucking reflex
To eat
Moro (Startle) reflex
Defensive tuck
Babinski reflex
When tickled, foot flat, toes open
Tonic Neck (Fencing) reflex
Raise one arm, head turns, and the arm raises
Postive Support reflex
Pressure on feet, legs flex
Stepping reflex
Lean forward, foot goes forward
The internally programmed growth of a child
Reflexive speech
Can't control, crying/cooing
Babbling speech
Voluntarily repeat sylabbles (eg. mama, dada)
Holophasic speech
(1 yr.) First word
Telegraphic speech
The kind of verbal utterances in which words are left out, but the meaning is usually clear (eg. "Where my apple?"
Syntax speech
Uses rules of grammer, but doesn't understand the meaning
Semantic speech
Understanding rules of grammer