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what are the building blocks of the nervous system?
what does the soma part of the neuron do?
maintains the health of the neuron
recieves messages
myelin sheath
makes the messages faster, covers axon.
passes information on
terminal branches
conveys the message to other neurons
list the three phases within the neuron
1. action potential
2. refractory period
3. resting potential
what is action potential? which phase of neuron shooting is it?
first phase. this is the neural impulse created when the neuron fires. travels from the dendrites -> axons -> terminal branches.
what is the refractory period? and which phase is it?
second phase. brief second. new action potential cannot be created because neuron is recharging.
what is resting potential? which phase is it?
third phase. the state at which a neuron is charged but is waiting for the next action potential to be generated.
why cant neurotransmitters just jump the synapse?
action potential.
what is included in the central nervous system?
brain and spinal cord.
what is the pathway to and from the brain?
the spinal cord.
what is the location of most information processing?
the brain.
what does peripheral mean?
outer region.
what is the peripheral nervous system divided into?
somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system.
somatic nervous system
controls skeletal muscles.

motor reflexes for voluntary movement.s
autonomic nervous system
controls glands and muscles of the internal glands.

moniters automatic functions.

controls breathing, blood pressure, digestion.
what are the three main things that autonomic nervous system controls?
blood pressure
what two sections is the autonomic nervous system divided into?
sympathetic nervous system

parasympathetic nervous system.
sympathetic nervous system
deals with perceieved threats,

fight or flight
parasympathetic nervous system
calms the body,

brings body back to relaxed state.
what system uses hormones?
what are the bodies two communication systems?
nervous system and endocrine system.
a neurotransmitter imn the nervous system is like a what in the endocrine system.
master gland
controls other endocrine glands
regulates energy level in the body
thyroid gland
gland that arouses the body in times of stress
adrenal gland
epinephrne is also known as
which gland releases epinephrine and non-epinephrine?
adrenal gland.
what regulates the amoutn of blood sugar in the blood?
pancreatic gland.
what is the oldest part of the brain?
the brainsteam.
what is responsible for automatic survival functions?
the brainstem.
where is the brain stem>
just where the brain begins and the spinal cord swells.
what is located at the base of the brain stem?
the medulla.
what controls life supporting fuctions such as heartbeat and breathing?
the medulla.
what does the medulla control?
life supporting fucntions such as breathing and heart beat.
damage to the medulla can cause what?
what is the nerve network that extends up and down the spinal cord and into the brain called?
reticular formation.
what controls a persons ability of alterness?
reticular formation.
damages to the reticular formation can cause what
what sits on top of the brain?
what does thalamus mean in greek?
inner chamber.
what is the brains sensory switchboard?
the thalamus.
cerebellum, when translated, means
little brain
where is the cerebellum located?
the rear of the brain
what hjelps coordinate balance and volunatry movements?
the cerebellum.
what happens if the cerebellum is damaged?
the person can perfom some motor actions but not fine ones.
where is the limbic system located?
it is a ring of structures around the thalamus. at the border of the brain stem and the cerebral cortex.
what four functions does the limbic system serve?
what three glands are included in the limbic system?
where is the hypothalamus located?
directly under the front of the thalamus
what four basic things does the the hypothalamus do?
body temperature
fight or flight reaction
what is the acronym for wha tthe hypithalamus does?
the three Fs.

what wraps around the thalamus?
the hippocampus
what does the the hippocampus do?
plays a role in processing new memories for permanent storage
what kind of emotional responses does the amygdala bring on?
fear or anger.
what is the body's ultimate control and information processing center?
the cerebral cortex.
what coveres the brains lower level strcutures?
the cerebral cortex
on estimation, how many nerve cells does the cerebral cortex contain?
30 billion.
how many lobes of the cerebral cortex?
what is sometimes cut to prevent siezures?
corpus collosum.
what is the main purpose of the corpus collosum?
its is the large nand of neural fibers that connect the two brain hemispheres and carry messages between them.