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Function of the Medulla
Regulates respiration, heart rate, blood pressure
Function of the Pons
Regulates sleep-wake cycles
Function of the Cerebellum
Regulates reflexes and balance
Coordinates movement
Function of the Thalamus
Major sesnory relay center
Regulates higher brain centers and peripheral nervous system
Function of the Hypothalamus
Emotion and motivation
Stress reactions
Function of the Hippocampus
Formation of new memories
Function of the Amygdala
Governs emotions related to self-perservation (anger)
Function of the Occipital Lobe
Receives and processes visual information
Function of the Temporal Lobe
Smell, Hearing, Balance and equilibrium, Emotion and motivation, some language stuff, complex visual processing
Function of the Parietal Lobe
Sensory projection and association areas, visual/spatial abilities
Function of the Frontal Lobe
Goal-directed behavior, concentration, emotional control and temperament, motor projection and association areas, coordinates messages from other lobes, complex problem solving, personality