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Name 5 major classifications of antibiotics
1. Aminoglycosides
2. Cephalosporins
3. Quinolones/Fluoroquinolones
4. Vancomycin
5. Macrolides
Drug class (and example) which would be used in Legionnaire's Disease and Lyme Disease
Macrolides: Erythromycin
These antibiotics are equally absorbed PO and IV
Antibiotic of choice for MRSA
Red Man Syndrome
Antacids decrease effectiveness
What are the contraindications for giving cephalosporins?
1. Anaphylactic reactions
2. Age < 1 month
This class of antibiotics is contraindicated for people with CNS-related diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson's Disease
When does Red Man Syndrome occur, and what is it?
It usually occurs when Vancomycin is given too rapidly; it is a type of allergic reaction.
The 3rd generation of these drugs can cause increased bleeding tendency, and why?
Cephalosporins, due to interference with Vitamin K synthesis
Name 4 mechanisms of action of ABs
1. produces cell lysis
2. Disrupts cell membrane, alters permeability
3. Mutates genetic information
4. Inhibits protein synthesis
How are Aminoglycosides most often given?
Parenterally, via IV
name 4 problems with AB therapy
1. allergic reactions
2. AB in food supply
3. Superinfection
4. Direct toxicity
Aminoglycosides can have what toxic side effects?
Ototoxicity (permanent damage to the 8th cranial nerve)
Can cause N&V, HA, sweating, hypotension and chest pain
Drinking Alcohol while taking Cephalosporins
Are divided into 4 generations
How do Aminoglycosides work?
Inhibit protein synthesis
What is AB associated colitis?
Condition caused by infection with C. dificile. Destroys lining of bowel.
Give some examples of Aminoglycosides
Indications for Giving Aminoglycosides
Life threatening situations??
Klebsiella & Pseudomonas infections
How do Aminoglycosides work?
Inhibit Protein Synthesis
Aminoglycoside contraindications
MG, PD, gastric lavage--> inc. respiratory depression
Aminoglycoside side effects
Nephrotoxicity; Ototoxicity
--permanent 8th Cranial nerve damage
Prevention of Aminoglycoside side effects?
Drink 2-3L of fluid
Run Peaks and Troughs
Crosses the placenta, is teratogenic
Usual route
Typical cephalosporin drugs
drugs starting with the name "Cef"
Action of Cephalosporins
Alter cell wall, produce cell leakage
Indications for Cephalosporins
prophylactically prior to simple appy, GB, hip replacement, severe UTIs
Cephalosporin contraindications
1. PCN anaphylaxis
2. < 1 mo
Side effects of cephalosporins
1. Bleeding
2. Secondary infections
3. Don't drink alcohol