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At the time of whelping, a greenish orblackish discharge from the vulva indicates:


Puppy and kitten eyes normally open _______after birth.

5to 14 days

A litter of Boston Terrier puppies is broughtin at 2 weeks of age for their initial veterinary evaluation with the umbilicalcords still attached.

thisis abnormal as the cords should have fallen off in 2 to 3 days

An 8 week old puppy needs radiographs. Whichof the following is most accurate:

thekilovoltage should be greatly reduced

For the first week of life, what is the per centage of the birthweight that a puppy should gain each day?


The optimum ambient temperature for the first week of life for a puppyis
90degrees F
The nursing mother of a litter of puppies should be monitored for signsof unsteadiness or ataxia as eclampsia may be seen and is related to:
lowserum calcium

Which of the following is considered thehallmark of management of the ill puppy:

rewarming of the patient

fluid/glucose replacement

antibiotic therapy

Considering the benefit of antibodies incolstrum, if the puppy has not nursed by ____ hours much of the benefit ofimmunity will be lost.


For the canine mother, calorie needs may increase from __________during nursing, particularly if the litter is large.

200 to 400%