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If you need to create a fragment for displaying lists, what parent class should you use for the fragment?



class that only allows one instance of itself to be created. exists as long as the application stays in memory

how do you create a singleton?

create a class with a private constructor and a get() method that returns the instance (the current one if it exists, or if it doesn't exist it will call the constructor)

Android naming convention for static variables


Application context

context that is global to your application

important because you can't be sure other contexts (like activity context) will persist for duration of application

Whenever you have an application-wide singleton, what context should you use?

application context

Can you populate ListViews with complicated views?
yes, or they can just be simple

Do all items in a ListView exist as inflated Views when the ListView is shown?

No. Only the ones that are on screen are inflated (as long as you use an adapter)

What does an adapter do?

Instance of a class that implements the Adapter interface

- creates necessary View object

- populates it with data from the model layer

- return the view to ListView

set up an ArrayAdapter for CrimeListFragment

ArrayAdapteradapter = new ArrayAdapter(getActivity(), android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, mCrimes);

//this layout is pre-defined by android


Regardless of whether the user clicks with a mouse, keyboard, or finger, what convenience method of ListFragment do you override to handle the click event?


public void onListItemClick(ListView l, View v, int position, long id)

What ListFragment convenience method do you use to get the adapter set on the ListView? How do you get an item based on its position?

Crime c = (Crime)(getListAdapter()).getItem(position)

//get the position from the click event

When you want to display more than just a string as a ListItem, you need to create a custom list item. What two things do you need for this?

1. Create a new layout in XML that defines the view for the item

2. Create a new subclass of ArrayAdapter that knows how to create, populate, and return the view defined in the new layout

When using widgets in a custom list item, why should you make things like Buttons and CheckBoxes nonfocusable?

They're focusable by default and will mess up the onClick method