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Why can't a device with a proprietary version of Android run a new version of Android released by Google?

It must wait for a compatible version of the upgrade

Where can you find information about current trends regarding percent of users using a certain version?

Android website

What's the biggest issue in Android compatability?

pre-Honeycomb and post-Honeycomb

What's another term for "SDK version"?

API level

What does the build SDK version, or build target, do?

specifies to the computer which version to use when building your code. used when compiler is figuring out which classes/imports to refer to

In general, what is the best choice for a build target?

Latest API

Will you get build errors if you call code from a higher version than your minimum SDK?

yes. This is important because it would otherwise crash on a device using an older API

Add a subtitle to the action bar

//don't need getViewById since there's only one action bar

ActionBar actionBar = getActionBar();


If you do want to use code that utilizes stuff from newer API's but still want it to be backwards compatible, what can you do?

Use shark repellent: Avoid runtime errors by using an if statement to check the API

Wave off the lifeguard: signal that you've handled the possibility of an error

Syntax to create an if statement checking the API and making sure it is at least honeycomb


syntax to signal to the compiler that you've handled the potential compatibility error


where the int is the version number, like 11

Place before the METHOD

How do you get to the Android Developer Documentation?



go to the docs directory to get the version that was downloaded with Android Studio

Android Developer Documentation:


includes patterns and design principles for UI of apps

Android Developer Documentation:


Android training, API guides, reference to SDK classes, tools

Android Developer Documentation:


shows how to prepare/publish