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What Dialog subclass will we use most often?


What's the supposed problem with DatePickerDialog?

a few bugs

Benefit of wrapping AlertDialog in a DialogFragment as opposed to just using AlertDialog

recommended procedure by Android

if you don't wrap in DialogFragment, dialog will vanish if device is rotated

create a DialogFragment

1. create a new fragment class that extends DialogFragment

2. public Dialog onCreateDialog(Bundle onSavedInstanceState){

return new AlertDialog.Builder(getActivity()).setTitle(R.string.date_picker_title) .setPositiveButton(android.R.string.ok, null).create();}

Three general categories of buttons you can add to a dialog

positive button

negative button

neutral button

What two methods can you call to get a DialogFragment added to the FragmentManager and then put on screen?

public void show(FragmentManager manager, String tag)

public void show(FragmentTransaction transaction, String tag)

How do you add a DatePicker widget to an AlertDialog?

public AlertDialog.Builder setView(View v)

Example of adding DatePicker

public Dialog onCreateDialog(Bundle onSavedInstanceState){ View v = getActivity().getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.dialog_date, null); return new AlertDialog.Builder(getActivity()).setTitle(R.string.date_picker_title) .setView(v).setPositiveButton(android.R.string.ok, null).create();}

How do you pass data between two fragments?

create a newInstance(...) method and make the data and argument from the first fragment for the second fragment to use, and then add it as an extra on an Intent in onActivityResult(....)

How do you initialize DatePicker?

Use a Calendar object to get integers for day, month, year from a Date

How do you track the relationship between two fragments in order to receive data back from a fragment?

public void setTargetFragment(Fragment fragment, int requestCode);

then call getTargetFragment() and getTargetRequestCode() to get the data