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Types of inspections
Preflight, Postflight, Turnaround, Daily, Special,
Conditional, Phase, Acceptance, Transfer
Purpose of aircraft inspections?
To achieve maximum aircraft readiness and safety through preventative maintenance.
Highest Priority components to remove during Emergency Reclamation
Avionics, electrical, and ordnance equipment. Magnesium parts are particularly susceptible to corrosion.
Maintenance control coordinates
Salvage Operations
Purpose of Emergency Reclamation.
Used to prevent further damage.
Corrosion Prone Areas on Ejection Seat.
Time Release mechanism (TRM), Drogue Gun, Guillotine Breech assembly, Guillotine Cutter assembly, Inertia reel assembly, Rocket motor initiator assembly, main beam, seat bucket
Galvanic metals with high susceptance to corrosion.
Galvanic metals with Low susceptance to corrosion
During all Cleaning operations you shall ______ the aircraft
Internal or residual stresses are produced by_______
Cold working, forming, and heat treatment operations during manufacture of parts
Elliminatoin of this condition is most effective for stoping corrosion.
Disposal of HAZMAT shall be accomplished in a manner that will not result in the violation of what?
Local, state, or federal pollution criteria
The NAMTRAGRUDET course is a prerequisite for cources taught at______
All Warnings and cautions listed must be strictly adhered to______
Naval publication for corrosion
NAVAIR 01-1A-509
How many chapters are in NAVAIR 01-1A-509?
Corrosion Control Program is required by?
Paint is removed using what means?
Paint is removed using Mildest means avaliable.
Do not use Cleaner, lubricant, and preservative (CLP) on what?
Rubber O-Rings or other elastomeric parts.
CPC (Non water displacing) solvent cutback.
2 types:
Grade 2 and Grade 4
Recommended Cleaners have a PH of What?
PH of 7.5-10. PH greater then 10 is unauthorized.
Dry cleaning solvent is _______ and its Vapors are _______
Solvent is flammable and vapors are Toxic
only use solvents in what type of area?
Well ventilated areas.
Care must be exercised when using these types of tools
Power tools
Metallic wools must be what?
Galvanically compatible with surface being treated.
When removing persistent paints only use
Non Metallic materials
Never use over age paint remover on
High strenght steel aircraft parts or structural fittings.
Repair of corroded areas:
Use these 4 procedures
Paint removal, corrosion removal, surface treatment, paint touch up procedures.
Fluorescent Penetrant inspections are performed by who?
NonDestructional Inspectoin (NDI) qualified and certified personnel ONLY
Purple K powder (PKP)
What is proper Nomenclature
Potasium BiCarbonate
Only mix materials from
the same manufacturer
Always wear what during all paint mixing, touch up and spraying operations?
PPE. Personal protective equipment.
Dust generated by machines must always be.
vacuumed not blown.
what are Fibers?
3-4 microns diameter, .004 inch length. will easily penetrate lugh halls.
Corrosion prone areas common to all aircraft
Steel fasteners, Fraying surfaces and crevices, spot-welding assemblies, exhaust impingement areas, wheel wells and landing gear, Hinges, relief tube outlets, water entrapment and bilge areas, battery compartment, magnesium products, electrical connectors, corrosion removal and surface treatment.
Cadmium rust.. when it rusts to protect the underlying metal, the rust is described as
Aviation Gas Free Engineer.
Who certifies that an aircraft is fire and explosion safe after a fuel cells has been ruptured?
Aviation Gas Free Engineer (AVGFE)
How many levels of Preservation are there?
What are the 4 levels of Preservation?
level I-90 days
Level II-1year
Level III-indefinite time.
and Desert storage.
Who must be present while painting?
Industrial Hygenist
Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV)
If it smells like Vinigar DONT USE IT!
what is NAVAIR 15-01-500
Preservation of Naval Aircraft
What are the 9 chapters of NAVAIR 01-1A-509?
2.Corrosion Theory, 3.Preventive Maintenance
4.Inspection and corrosion Prone Areas
5.Corrosion removal and surface treatment
7.paint finish and touch-up
8.treatment of specific areas 9.Emergency procedures
Do not use what with solvents that have a flashpoint below 100 degrees F?
Synthetic wiping cloth
Static vents are not to be what?
fouled by adhesive tape transfer.
Prevention and control of corrosion on aircraft is who's responsibility?
Commands responsibility
Do not use aluminum conversion coating as a substitute prepain treatment for what?
Magnesium conversion coating.
Chemical conversion coatings are toxic and contain what?
Chromic acid dust. It can cause burns, irritation and ulcers.
Who can apply and handle sealants?
Qualified personnel only.
Elastomeric coatings should be repaired IAW?
NAVAIR 01-1A-22
What should be worn durning scuff sanding or grinding?
Goggles and respirator.
Scuff sanding with proper toos to a depth greater then necessary can result in what?
Corrosion due to penetration of the paint and exposure of the metal.
Repainting solely for ______ shall not be done
Cosmetic appearance.
If primer has dried over night, ____ ____ surface, clean with cotton______ dampened with thinner and apply a thin coat of _____ primer.
Scuff sand surface, cotton cheesecloth, and epoxy primer.
Do not use zinc chromate primer on exterior aircraft surfaces, including wheel wells, and wing bitts, and in areas exposed to what?
temperatures exceeding 175 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is required to wear during mixing or painting in confined spaces?
Supplied air respirator.
Who prepares a list of equipment indicating removal priority?
Maintenance officer
under emergency, who assumes responsibility for minimizing damage?
all personnel.
after emergency reclamation is complete, a logbook entry should be made indicating what?
Affected areas.
Presence of corrosion on the rocket motor is cause for what?
________ may overcome personnel before thay are aware of their presence.
Electric motors are required to be ____ ____ and static grounded when working with composites, Especially graphite
Explosion proof.