Conclusion Effects Of Corrosion In Pipelines

Effects of corrosion
Corrosion is a serious issue regarding the health and the cost. It can affect the health of the people in commercial sectors and in private sectors. Water having toxic metals like lead and copper, can be very harmful for drinking and other purposes. So the precautionary measures should be taken.
Corrosion in the pipe can be health damaging and spoil the quality of water and it can also be uneconomical. There are some damages by corrosion:
 Corroded water is destructive for use because it directly effects the efficiency of electric water heaters and can cause early failures.
 It can generate early failure of pipeline systems and installations.
 It can create spotted installations and potential odors.
 It
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In pipelines, it causes damages to the wall of the pipeline. If pH of the water flowing through the pipe is below the certain level, it can damage the protection of the copper pipe.
Oxygen contents in the water: Oxygen reduces metals and converts them into rust. Impurities flows with the water and deposit on wall of the pipelines and eventually they create blockages to the flow and it reduces the efficiency of the systems.
Temperature of the water: temperature of the water can be harmful for the pipes. If the temperature is high, it can be a factor for corrosion on the wall of the pipelines.
Velocity of the water: immoderate flow of water in pipelines or instant twists in pipes can cause destruction of pipes and corrosion.
Follow prevention methods and be careful always to remain away from the problems, so that we do not have to take the help of cure, as prevention is much better than the alleviation.

Rust can be the major factor for the blockage of pipelines, so they must be well-cleaned in order to make them function properly. Removing any decay or rust can be made much easier with he use of pigs and admittance of chemicals as
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To obtain better procedure, chemicals should be used.
In cleaning the systems, it is very important to maintain regularity to stop corrosion from happening again. Chemicals are used with the pigs for effective cleaning and proper eradication of the corrosion. For proper cleaning corrosion cells should be removed properly and effectively and should be stopped for further formation of them. Every problem has the special pig and they should be used for different types of problems according to their purposes
2. Bypass:

Bypass technique is an important technique in pipeline cleaning. It enhances the functionality of the system and affects the work carried out by pigs in pipes. It affects the cleaning process by:
 Stop refuse or debris by pilling up, that may be a problem for the effective progress of the

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