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According to the FBI crime report, how often does a burglary occur?

14.4 seconds

Where to most burglaries occur?

Outside, most likely at the front door, and in broad daylight.

What is the common goal of the electronic security and life safety industry?

To Improve the safety, peace of mind, and quality of life for the customer.

CSAA is the acronym for:

The Central Station Alarm Association.

An alarm company yard sign is:

A good burglar deterrent

Hiding a spare key to your house outside is:

Not Recommended.

A successful service technician:

Always tests the system before leaving the job.

State licensing for alarm companies has proven to be a part:

The accountability needed to reduce false alarms.

The false alarm reduction method known as Enhanced Call Verification:

Requires 2 different phone numbers from the call list to be called before dispatching the police.

On average 9% of the time burglars enter a house through the…


Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories conduct factory inspections how many times a year?

2 to 4 times a year.

“Approved” means something is acceptable to the _____.

Authority having Jurisdiction.

NRTLs were established by:

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Association.

A code title will always be preceded by a:

Code Number.

ICC stands for:

The International Code Council.

National Electrical Code is NFPA ______.

NPFA 70.

NFPA 72 is:

The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Codes become enforceable when they are:

Adopted as a law.

What is the primary concern of a code or standard?

Life Safety.

A basic system consists of what components?

All the above, or aMonitor a Camera, and a means of Transmission.

Which imaging devices the most commonly used with analog video systems?

CCD sensors.

Which size imaging device is the most commonly used with analog video systems?

1/3" or one third of an inch.

What type of signal does a CCTV camera generate?

Base Band.

What is the proper type of coax to use and video system?

Cooper Braid Wire.

True or False: You can install a CS-Lens on aS-Mount camera with a 5mm spacer ring.


Which spot filter is considered better; F360, F88, or F120?


True or False: The use of UTP “unshielded twisted-pair” uses category 1 or better cable to transmit video instead of using coax.


Which of the following might be used with an outdoor housing?

All the above, or a Windshield wiper, a Sun shield, or a Blower.

A PTZ can be controlled by the following means with the correct hardware in place.

All the above, or a Coaxitron, a RS422, a RS485, or Hard Wired Control.

What is the most common type of the following customer service scenarios?


Which of the following is not considered a barrier of customer service?

Internal Issues.

Using social media and reviewer websites, Consumers can affect businesses:

Both Positively and Negatively.

What is constant nonverbal flow of communication essential to understanding someone else?

Body Language.

What does the first A in RASA stand for?


What should not be done when dealing with an angry customer?

Tell customers to stop yelling immediately.

Which of the following is not a trait of excellent customer service?


In today’s age, the __________ have a lot of say in how well companies perform via technology and social media.

General Public.

Which of the following is not a technique for in conflict resolution?

Taking Sides.

A customer service representative uses _______ daily to arrive at solutions for customers.

Problem Solving.

True or False: Protons have a positive charge.


True or False: Insulators restrict the movement of electrons.


True or False: Resistors restrict the flow of electrical current.


Using Ohm’s Law, what is the voltage if we have 2 Amps and 6 Ohms of resistance?

12volts. (2ampsX6ohms of resistance=12volts).

Using Ohm’s Law, what is the resistance in a circuit if there are 24 Volts and 6 Amps?

4 Ohms. (24volts/6amps=4 ohms of resistance).

Using Watt’s Law, what are the Amps required if there are 120 Volts and a 60 Watt bulb?

2 amps. (120Volts/60Watt Bulb=2 amps).

Determine Volt-amps if we know the voltage is 24 Volts and 3 Amps.

72 Volt-Amps. (24VoltsX3Amps=72 Volt-Amps).

True or False: If the number of turns are greater on the primary side of the transformer vs the secondary side, it is considered a step down transformer.


True or False: If you connect two 12 volt batteries in parallel you will get 24 VDC output.


True or False: A normally open circuit is in a conductive state before any state change.


True or False: When reading mA or Amps on your meter, the probes go in series with the item you are checking.


An Unsupervised detection circuit:

Cannot Detect beyond a shortened circuit.

VOIP is an acronym for:

Voice over Internet Protocol.

A dry contact is a description of a:

Relay Output.

When is a combination alarm system used for burglary and fire?

When it is regarded as a fire alarm system.

The bridge rectifier/ filter Circuit in an alarm panel provides:

D.C. Voltage.

Low-power wireless detection devices report to the:

Control Panel.

A siren could be directly connected to a(n):

Wet Output.

When option allows different areas of the building to be independently armed and disarmed is called:


Which keypad typically draws more current?

A Touch Screen keypad.

The phone jack that is required to disconnect the DACT from the telephone service is called a(n):


What would be the best choice of system topologies for use in retrofitting an existing building with an ACS (access control system)?

IP Addressable control panels and the customer’s existing network.

Which of the following codes are not applicable to ACS design?

The Free Trade Act.

Which of the following is not a type of ACS card?

Social Security Card.

Which is not a type of ACS door lock hardware?

A UL Approved mechanical lock.

What does ADA stand for?

American's with Disabilities Act.

Which best describes the purpose of integrating fire systems with ACS?

Unlock Fire Exits in the event of an emergency.

Here is the sequence of operation for ACS controlled door. Select the answer that doesn’t belong.

Wait Until the Guard provides input.

ACS are capable of integrating with which of the following systems? Please select all that apply.

Fire/life safety, Video surveillance systems, and Human resources.

Here is a list of common ACS software features. Select the answer that doesn’t belong.

Replace existing fire alarm system.

Which of the following is true for magnetic card?

It is the oldest form of card technology.

A residential sale is generally made in:

One Visit.

Typically the buyout on an early termination of the contract by the customer is:


An alarm system provides:

Detection and Reporting.

No building or structure shall be occupied without a:

Certificate of Occupancy.

Drawings should have symbols that are:


A document indicating what the customer received is a:

Sign-off Sheet.

Federal law has a right to resend rule that gives the customer a _______ “cooling off” period once the contract is signed.

3 days.

If a drawing indicates coverage of a detection device, it is important not to:


Software for an alarm system should be stored:


Writing on the alarm wiring with a permanent marker for identification in the alarm panel is:

Not Recommended.

Which class of fire extinguishers would be used for fire created by grease or other fatty substances?

Class K.

Which of these elements is not a part of the fire triangle?


Manual fire alarm boxes shall be located within _______of each exit doorway on each floor.

5 feet.

The incipient stage of the fire is the:

Manageable Stage.

Cooking fires account for what percent of residential fires?


The destructive distillation of organic compounds in an oxygen free environment is known as:


Which type of smoke detector is likely affected by air velocity?


Which of these statements is true about mounting heat detectors?

Detector can be mounted 4 inches to 12 inches below the ceiling.

Smoke detectors can be mounted where?

On the wall 2 inches from the ceiling.

Which statement about stratification is false?

As the thermal plume of smoke rises to the ceiling, it gains buoyancy. (FALSE)

Which channel is not commonly used for alarm transmission to an OPR?

Ultrasonic Pulses.

Which of the following is not required in OPR design?

Location away from city limits.

Which one of the following is not a kind of OPR?

Fast Food Chain hold up alarm.

Which stakeholders determine the appropriate OPR? Check all that apply:

Insurance companies, The customer, and AHJ.

Which one of the following lead to the development of the first OPR?

The Invention of the Telephone and Telegraph.

Which three are common Fire OPR?

UL Listed Fire Alarm Central Station, Police and fire stations, and Proprietary supervising station2Ch.

What three factors may determine that a UL Central station is required? Select all that apply.

Insurance company demands, AHJ directives, and High value merchandise.

Check the two answers the describe OPR advantages.

Prevents compromise my emergency on premise event, and The Economy of scale/ shared resources.

In the case of fire alarm systems what is the first requirement?

Meets all applicable codes, standards, and regulations.

What does OSHA stand for?

Occupational Safety and Health Association.

Since OSHA was founded, Workplace deaths dropped from an average of 38 to __ a day


Which of the following is not a common hazard in fall related injuries?

Unsecured Doors and Windows.

Which of the following aspects of OSHA enforcement overseas private sector employees?


The recommended technique for carrying any Power Tool is by the cord.


Electric switches have a lot in common with:

Water Faucets.

Which of the following is a secondary factor in determining the severity of an electrical shock?

The general Health of the Human Body.

True or False: When modifying a electrical equipment you must stay in compliance with OSHA codes.


Material safety data sheets serve to advise workers about hazardous _____ present in the area.


Why is an MSDS (material safety data sheet) relevant to the security industry?

You or a colleague may be working in labs or hospitals were dangerous chemicals are present.

A bed shaker will:

Be limited to one bed at a time.

Temporal 4 is associated with:

CO Detectors.

Audible devices in a public mode must be at least ___ decibels about ambient sound.


An open collector output can directly power:

A relay 1.

The Japanese horseradish smoke alarm is an example of which sensory?


20 decibles are ___ times louder than 1 decibel.

100 times.

According to the NFPA 72, the loudest an audible fire alarm notification appliance can be is ___ decibels.


Temporal 3 audible:

Will trigger a bed shaker.

Audible requirements in sleeping rooms call for a minimum of ___ decibels at pillow level.


A closed door between the sounder and mattress can cause a loss of ___ decibels.

10-24 decibles.

Holmes moved his alarm business from Boston to New York City because ________.

The people of Boston were skeptical about having anything electrical in their homes.

George Milliken’s patent improved the burglar alarm by ______.

Having the first zoned alarm system.

Three functions of an alarm system are ______, notification, and control.


The best use of the duress alarm feature is ________.

Sends a silent alarm when forced to disarm the alarm system.

60% of home debts resulted from fires in homes with _______.

Not working smoke alarms.

The four types of notifications are Audible, Visual, tactile, and _______.


Which of these monitoring sites will most commonly be used to monitor a university alarm system?

Proprietary supervising station.

One way in which signals are able to reach the appropriate monitoring site is by ______.

All of the above, or Public switched telephone network, VOIP and Internet.

The most common hazard to humans in a building fire is _______.

Smoke Inhalation.

An alarm system may be controlled using _____.

All of the Above, or Key switch, Digital keypad, or Cellphone.

A bigger gauge wire has less resistance and will carry more current, which of the cables listed and will carry the most current?

6 AWG.

Which cable listed has the smallest diameter?

22 AWG.

Wire with a designation of CL2 is classified as what type of cable?

General Purpose Wire.

True or False: You may substitute CL3R for CL3P.


What type of cable will you run for a gigabit network??


True or False: You can use the same type of coax cable for CATV and CCTV.


If boring through a wood member to run cable the hole should be at least ____ from the edge of the wood member.

1 1/4" or one and one fourths inch.

True or False: You can strap class 2 cable to conduit as a means of support.


Which wire type can you run in a plenum?


If fire cable is located within 8 feet of the floor it shall be securely fastened at intervals of not less than ______.


Projected beem outdoor microwave works through:


Which technology converts electrical energy to radio waves and then converts radio waves back to electrical energy?

Indoor Microwave.

Which of the sensors is considered active?

Photo Beam.

The range of an outdoor photo beam can be as much as:

660 feet.

Reed switches are resistant to:


When installing outdoor photo beams in installer should:

Be able to block 85% of beam without being the cause of the alarm.

Taut Wire fence detection is considered:

High Security.

Buried cable pairs have up to a ______ wide detection pattern

10 feet.

Alarm screens are typically:

A 2 appointment install.

Dual technology motion detectors are typically:

Microwave and passive inferred technology.

Which of the following is true about primary wiring to alarm system?

The circuit breaker should be 20 Amps maximum.

Batteries should be attached to the panel in what configuration?


What is the type of transformer most commonly used in an alarm system?

Step Down.

According to the NFPA, the breaker supplying power to an alarm system shall not be:

Greater than 20 Amps.

How long can a 12 volt, 1 Amp hour battery power an alarm system that requires .5 Amps total?

Two Hours. (1 amp/the required .5 amps per hour=2 hours).

Which of the following is recommended or required in regards to powering the fire alarm system?

Dedicated Circuit.

How do you determine the volt amps required to power an alarm?

Consult the alarm installation manual.

What is a circuit in which there is only one path for electrons to flow?


What is the component that converts high-voltage AC to low-voltage AC?


Which of the following is the most versatile screwdriver available?

Multi-tip Screwdriver.

True or False: Electrical tape is used to insulate wires and items that conduct electricity.


A 110 blade is used with what tool?

Punch-Down Tool.

Baseboard drill guides allow you to drill a hole below a:

Carpet Line.

Which type of drill is best suited for masonry?

Hammer Drill.

Which type of meter is used to measure sound?

Decibel Meter or DB meter.

True or False: Terminal blocks cannot be cut to size.


If you needed to drill into an attic to wire a keypad, what is the best type of bit to use?

Flex Bit.

True or False: You do not have to strip back the end of wires when using B-connectors.


When bending a 1/2” conduit, what is the take up for a stub-up?


Which of the following is a possible cause of an alarm system drawing excessively on the power supply?

Touch-screen Keypad.

In a series circuit the total voltage is 12 volts, the total current is 4 amps. What is the total resistance?

3 Ohms. (12Volts/4Amps= 3 Ohms of resistance.

A shortened supervised detection circuit will cause the terminal voltage to go:

Down or Drop.

What’s the total resistance of four 8 ohm horns, wired in parallel?

2 Ohms. (8Ohms/4= 2 Ohms total resistance).

For surge suppression to work, it is important to have a good known:


Using Watts law a series circuit has a total voltage of 24 volts and the total current is 4 amps. What is the total wattage?

96 Watts. (24 VoltsX4 Amps=96 Watts total).

An intelligent battery tester will indicate how much:

Capacity is left in the battery.

If you are a service technician there is no excuse not to have:

All of the above, or a VOM Meter a Telephone handset, and a Current library of equipment information.

Sirens should be:

Wired in parallel.

Divide and conquer is a method for:

Tracing Wiring Problems.