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What ADP/ADRP covers Intelligence?


Why does the Army synchronize its intelligence efforts with unified action partners?

To achieve unity of effort and to meet the commander's intent.

How do multinational and interagency partners reinforce and complement Army intelligence capabilities?

By providing cultural awareness, as well as unique perspectives and capabilities.

What is ISR?

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

What is the purpose of ISR?

To synchronize and integrate the planning and operation of sensors, assets and processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems in direct support of current and future operations.

What is the intelligence war fighting function?

The intelligence war fighting function is the related tasks and systems that facilitate understanding the enemy, terrain and civil considerations.

What are the information collection tasks?

Plan requirements and assess collection

Talk and direct collection

Execute collection

What is the intelligence enterprise?

Thee intelligence enterprise is the sum total of the intelligence efforts of the entire U.S. intelligence community

What are the intelligence core competencies?

The core competencies are intelligence synchronization, intelligence operations, and intelligence analysis

What is Intelligence synchronization?

Intelligence synchronization is the "art" of integrating information collections and intelligence analysis with operations to effectively and efficiently support decision-making

What are the 4 primary means for information collection?

Intelligence operations



Security operations

What is the purpose of intelligence analysis?

To describe the current-and attempt to proactively assess-threats, terrain and weather, and civil considerations