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What ADP covers sustainment?

ADP 4-0

What is the Sustainment War-fighting Function?

Tasks and systems that provide support and services to ensure freedom of action and extend operational reach.

What is Logistics?

Planning and executing of the movement and support of forces.

What are Personnel Services?

Sustainment functions that man and fund the force, maintain soldier and family readiness, promote the moral and ethical values of the nation, and enable the fighting qualities of the Army.

What are the principles of Sustainment?

1. Continuity

2. Responsiveness

3. Improvisation
4. Simplicity
5. Economy
6. Survivability
7. Anticipation
8. Integration

Give some examples of Health Service Support

1. Casualty Care

2. Medical Evacuation

3. Medical Logistics

What is Joint Interdependence?

The deliberate reliance of one armed service on the capabilities of another armed service.

What are Generating forces?

Army organizations whose primary mission is to generate and sustain the operational Army's capabilities.

What are Operating forces?

Forces whose primary missions are to participate in combat and the integral supporting elements thereof.

The Sustainment War-fighting Function consists of 3 major elements. What are they?

1. Logistics

2. Personnel Services

3. Healthcare Services

What is Sustainment?

The provision of Logistics, Personnel Services, and Healthcare Services necessary to maintain operations.