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elements of Sustainment
Logistics, personnel services and health services.
principals of sustainability
Integration, anticipation, responsiveness, simplicity, economy, survivability, continuity and improvision.
Unified Action
the synchronization, coordination and integration of activities.
What is the Theater Army responsible for
preparation and administration support for the Army Forces assigned or attached to the Combatant Commander
What sustainment functions of personnel services?
man and fund the force, maintain soldier and family readiness, promote the moral and ethical values of the nation, and enable the fighting qualities of the army.
principles of personnel services
Synchronization, timeliness, stewardship, accuracy, and consistency.
principles of the army health system
Conformity, proximity, flexibility, mobility, continuity, and control
the role of Generating forces
Army organizations whose primary mission is to generate and sustain the operational Army’s capabilities for employment
operational reach
distance and duration across which a unit can successfully employ military capabilities
sustainment warfighting function
tasks and systems that provide
support and services to ensure freedom of action, extend operational reach, and prolong
planning and executing of the movement and support of forces includes aspects of military operations that deal with: design and
development; acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, and
disposition of materiel; acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation, and
disposition of facilities; and acquisition or furnishing of services
Health service support
all support and services performed, provided,
and arranged by the Army Medical Department to promote, improve, conserve, or restore
the mental and physical well being of personnel in the Army
Joint interdependence
purposeful reliance by one Service’s forces on another
Service’s capabilities to maximize the complementary and reinforcing effects of both
support of readiness, Army force generation, and the
routine performance of functions specified and implied in Title 10 USC
Generating force capabilities
analyzing, understanding and adapting, and generating
operational forces tailored to the specific context in which they will be employed.