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Which are characteristics of the PCI bus?
1.Clock speed of 33 or 66MHZ
2.Supports Plug and Play
4.Supports bus mastering
Which are functions of a PSU?
1.Converts a 110 or 230 volt AC to DC voltage.
2.Prevents overheating.
3.Provides different voltages levels for different devices.
4.Used to power internal devices.
Identify the components of a system bus.
A)Its address bus specifies source and target locations.
B)Its expansion slots standard include the ISA, PCI, and AGP buses.
C)Its control bus carries CPU signals which performs various functions.
D) It consist of the external bus and expansion bus.
E) Its external bus includes the address control and data buses.

Which are characteristics of a CD-ROM.
1.It's one-sided
2.Data transfer speeds are in multiple of 150KBps.
3.New CD-RW technology allows data on discs to be written
4.It's supported by a CD-ROM drive.
5.It is read-omly.
Select the characteristics of a DVD.
1.Inner layer pits and lands must be larger than outer layer pits and lands.
2.DVD is required for large multimedias applications.
3.The inner layers hold less information than the outer layers.
4.The basic transfer speed is 1.4MBps.
Which are features of heat sinks?
Lots of fins or pins, made of copper or silver alloy, makde of aluminium, Large surface area
Select the functions of the NICs.
A)Connects the expansion bus and the network cabling.
B)Are important in determing the speed of a network.
C)Boost dignal cables so they can travel across a network cable.
D)Can be easily intalled in a Plug and Play compliant OS.
The features of the BIOS include:
1.The CMOS setup utility
2.I/O routines
3The Post utility
Match each hard disk problem with it's solution.
A) To solve Hard disk failure
B) To resolve missing hard disk space
C) To resolve inaccurate representation of a hard disk size.
D) To free up hard disk space
A) Check wheterh the hard disk can be seen by the hard disk controller.
B) Scan hard disk for file corruption
C) Consider binary and decimal differences in measurements.
D) Empty Recycle bin
Match each description with the expansion bus feature.
A)Controls the speed of transmission of data through the bus.
B)Relies on its own processor
C)Location must correspont to single unique address
D)A signal sent on a wire to the CPU requesting attention.
E)Controller prevents all other devices from using the bus system.
F)Primarily transfer data using I/O utilities.
A)Bus Clock
B)Bus Mastering
C)I/O address
D)Interrupt lines
E)DMA Channels
F) Expansion Slots
Identify the features of a floppy disk drive.
1.A 3.5 inch drive includes double high, and extra-high density types.
2.A 5.25-inch drive is accessed through a door with a manual latch.
3.The 5.25-inch drive has been replaced by the 3.5-inch disk drive.