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What peripheral port type is exapandable, using a hub, operates at 1.5 Mbps, and is used to connect vairous devices (from printers to cameras) to PCs?
Universal Serial Bus/USB
What type of expansion slot is used almost always for high-speed, 3D graphics?
Accelerated Graphic Ports/AGP.
Access time refers to what?
Seek time and latency, make up the drive's access time. The average seek time plus the average latency equals the drive access time
Which peripheral port type was designed to transfer data at high speeds to printers only?
What is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a 5 1/4" floppy disk?
1.2 MB
Which of the following is the most important input device?
Clock speeds are measure in _______.
Megahertz/Millions of cycles per second.
Which computer component contains all the circuitry necessary for all components or devices to communicate with each other?
System Board/Motherboard
Which Intel processor types use teh SEC when installed into a motherboard?
Pentium II uses a Single Edge
What are the four voltages produced by a common PCs power supply?
The four voltages that acomputer needs to operate are +5 volts DC, -5 volts DC(ground), +12 volts DC, and -12 volts DC (ground)
Which power device would be best attach to your computer if you were having undervoltage power problems?
Uninterruptible Power Supply/UPS
Which processor had the math coprocessor disabled?
486SX to help cut the cost of the 486DX.
If you want to connect a LapLink cable ( a parallel data transfer cable) so that you could upload and download files from a computer, which type of parallel ports does your computer need to have?
Bidirectional parallel port can both transmit and receive data. An ECP was designed to transfer data at high speeds. EPP parallel ports provide for greater transfer speeds and the ability to send memory addresses as well as data through a parallel port.
What peripheral port type was originally developed by Apple and is currently primarily used for digital video transfers?
IEEE 1394
Which motherboard form factor places expansion slots on a special riser card and is used in "Low profile" PCs?
Which processor was introduced with 1.2 million transistors and a 32-bit internal and external data path?
486DX was the first Intel processor that used both a 32-bit internal and a 32-bit external data path.
The system board is alos called_________.
Planar board
What was the original name for a monitor?
Cathode Ray Tube/CRT
The_________is used to store frequently accessed data and instructions.
Internal cache memoryis a storage area for frequently used data and instructions. It requires a small amount of physical RAM that can keep up with the processor.
Which of the following can an DVD-ROM store in addition movies?
Audio files, Word documents, Digital photos, and many others.