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What is the step in the EP print process that uses a laser to discharge selected areas of the photosensitive drum, thus forming an image on the drum?
Writing. The writing step uses a laser to discharge selected areas of the photosensitive drum, thus forming an image on the drum.
Any printer that uses the electrophotographic process contains how many standard assemblies?
Eight.There are eight standard assemblies in an eletrophotographic process printer.
If the static-eliminator strip is absent(or broken) in either an EP process or HP LaserJet laser printer, what will happen?
Paper jams may occur in both types of printers, but HP LaserJet printers will flash a "-671 error" message.
Which laser component formats the print job for the type of printer being used?
Printer controller assembly.
What is the most basic printer type?
Impact printer.Of the types listed:(bubble,laser,interfaces and print media.
LED page printers differ from EP process laser printers in which step?
Writing. They use a different process to write the image on the EP drum.
Which voltage is used to transfer the toner to the paper in an EP process laser printer?
+600Vdc. Because the toner on the drum has a slight negative charge (-100Vdc), it requires a postitive charge to transfer it to the paper.
The basis weight is the weight in pounds of 500 sheets of what size of paper?
17 by 221/2 inch.
What is the correct order of the steps in the EP print process?
Cleaning, charging, writing, developing,transferring, fusing.
Which of the following is not a advantage of the daisy-wheel printer?
These particular printers are referred to as page printer because they receive their print job instructions one page at a time.
What part of both EP process and HP LaserJet process printers supplies the voltages for the charge and transfer corona assemblies?
High-voltage power supply(HVPS).
Which printer contains a wheel that looks like a petal with raised letters and symbols on each petal?
Daisy-wheel printer.
The printer part gets the toner from the photosensitive drum onto the paper.
Corona assembly. The corona assembly gets the toner from the photosensitive drum onto the paper. For some printers, this is a corona wire, and for others, it is a corona roller.
Which of the following are page description languages?(page description language(PDL),PostScript,PageScript,Printer Control Language(PCL)
PostScript and Printer Control Language(PCL).
What types of printers can be used with multipart forms?
Dot-matrix printers.
With EP process laser printers, laser discharges the charged photosensitive drum to___Vdc.
What are possible interfaces for printer?
Parallel,Serial,Network. Printers can communicate via parallel,serial and network connection.
Which impact printer has a printhead that contains a row of pins that are triggered in patterns that form letters and numbers as the printhead moves across the paper?
Dot-matrix printer.
What are some advantages of a Universal Serial Bus printer interface?
It has a higher transfer rate than a serial connection.(2)It has a higher transfer rate than a parallel connection.(3)It automatically recognizes ne devices.