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Sense Stimuli External to the body. Vision and Hearing are examples.
Two senses are especially important.
Detects stimuli in the internal organs.
Doesn't include joints; muscles and stretch are important.
Detects chemicals including odor and taste and body fluid composition.
odor and taste are important.
Detects hot/cold in the skin and other places.
Bare nerves/external stimuli
Detects pain via bare nerve endings
External stimuli
Responds to physical deformation caused by vibration, touch and pressure
includes joints, muscles and visceral
Senses the position and movements of the body or its parts.
Muscles, joints, tendons and joint capsules.
Senses light
think: picture
What receptors are included by modality?
chemoreceptors, thermoreceptors, nociceptors,mechanoreceptors and photoreceptors.
modality means "what type" *There are 5 in this group.
What receptors are classified by origins of stimuli?
Exterceptors, interceptors and proprioceptors
there are 3 in this group
What three categories would hearing be in?
Mechanoreceptors, Exteroreceptors and Special Senses.
Two are by modality and the other is in the special senses group.
What three categories would touch receptors in the skin be in?
Mechanoreceptors, Exteroreceptors and General Somesthetic.
Two are by modality the other is General Somesthetic.
What do General Somesthetic Senses include?
Has receptors that are widely distributed throughout the body including: skin, muscles, tendons, joint capsules and viscera.
Includes the sense of touch, pressure, stretch, heat, cold and pain, blood pressure and blood composition