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What are the Traits of a Tech?

Honest/Integrity, Dependability/Reliability, adaptability/versatility, sensitivity

As a technician, what is a trait that a technician should avoid?

Technobabble- The use if jargon and technical terms to intimidate and silence a challenge to a technical issue

What is the Ethic of Reciprocity/Golden Rule?

Do unto others as you have them do unto you.

Always make sure that the customer always has ______.


Static electricity isost apparent where?

Dry Environments

Always put components ___ an antistatic bag.

Inside, not on

Should you disconnect a computer before doing physical maintenance to it?

Yes and always

What are the steps of troubleshootin theory?

1. Identify the problem

2. Establish a theory of probable cause

3. Test the theory to determine cause

4. Establish a plan to resolve the problem and implement solution

5. Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventive measures.

6. Document findings, actions and outcomes

What is appropriate attire for the workplace?

Clean, pressed khaki trousers and clean wrinkle free polo shirt.

While Manning the help desk, you get a call from a distraught user who says she has a blank screen. What would be a useful follow-up question?

Is the computer turned on?

Is the monitor turned on?

At the very least, what tool should be in every technicians kit?

Phillips- head screwdriver

When is it appropriate to yell at a user


When troubleshooting a software problem on Phoebe's computer and listening to her describe the problem, you get a text from your boss.whoch of the following is the most appropriate acition.

Wait until Phoebe finishes her description, run through fixes, and then explain you need to call you boss on your cell phone

You are a customer's workstation to install several software and hardware updates.l, a process that will take awhile and will require several reboots to the computer.

Ask the user to change the password temporarily

What is a good practice after completing a troubleshooting call at someone's office?

Follow up with a call within a couple of days to make sure everything is going well with the fixed computer

Which tool helps you avoid static discharge by keeping you at the same electrical potential as the computer on which you are working?

Antistatic wrist strap

Once you have ascertained the computer's problem and backed up critical data, what should you do.

Establish a theory of probably cause

What should you do after successfully repairing a machine.


What is static electricity

Electricity that doesn't move/ electrical potential

What harms the computers? Static Electricity or the discharge of the static electricity?


What ESD voltage will damage a computer?

100 volts or less

What is the ESD discharge of you are able to feel it?

At least 3500 volts

Humidity over what percentage helps control ESD?


What can you do to help ground yourself before working with computer components?

* Unplug Computer

* Touch the exposed metal chassis

What is some helpful advice when working with computer components?

Don't touch directly, hold from the edges.

Make sure to always remove _______ before performing maintenance.

Jewelry, name badge straps,

Make sure to use proper lifting technique when needed. What is proper lifting technique?

Lift with your legs, keeping your bag straight.

Water are some things to take note of with electrical fire safety?

* Don't is water or foam

*Use carbon-dioxide, FM-200, or other dry chemicals

* Remove the power source

What can you do for cable management?

* Avoid trips hazards

* Use cable ties or Velcro to bundle

When shall you us Safety goggles?

* Useful when working with chemicals

* printer repair, toner, batteries

What are some toxic waste that need to be properly disposed of?

Batteries, CRTs, Toner

What is UPS?

Uninterrupted power supply, used for blackout

What are the different typres of UPS

Standby UPS

Line interactive ups

On-line ups

What are some features of a UPS?

Auto Shutdown, battery capacity, outlets, phome line suppression

Not all power is __________

Clean; spikes are diverted to ground with surge suppresser

Surge suppresser also has ________ filters

Noise filters; removes line noise @ a certain db. The higher db it is labeled the better it is.

Joule rating

The surge absorbtion of a surge suppresser. Look for over 600 joules.

Let through rating (ul-1449)

The lower the better. The amount ofmvoltage let throughnduromg a surge.

Cleanung and vacuuming computes

*Nuetral detergents

* No ammonia based cleaning liquids

* Avoid Isopropyl Alcohol

* use a computer vacuum

* Maintain ventilation

Closed source / commercial software

Source code is private

End user get compiled executable

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

Source Code is freely available

End user can compile theor own executable

End User License Agreement

Determines how the software can be used

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Used to manage the use of software

Types of licenses

(Personal, Enterprise)

Personal License

- Designed for the home user

- Usually associated with the a single user (or small group of devices owned by the same user)

- perpetual (one time) purchase

Enterprise License

Per seat license / site license

The software may be installed everywhere

Annual renewals