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What does BIOS stand for?
Basic Input Output System
What does ISA stand for?
Industry Standard Architecture
What does PCI stand for?
Perpherial Component Interconnect
What does IDE stand for?
Integrated Drive Electronics
What does I/O stand for?
What does USB stand for?
Universial Serial Bus
What is another name for IEEE 1394?
How fast is USB 1.1?
12 Mbps
What does Mbps stand for?
Megabits per second
What does MHz stand for?
What does SCSI stand for?
Small Computer System Interface
What does CPU stand for?
Central Processing Unit
What does RAM stand for?
Random Access Memory
What does ROM stand for?
Read-Only Memory
What does SIMM stand for?
Single Inline Memory Module
What does DIMM stand for?
Dual Inline Memory Module
What does DRAM stand for?
Dynamic Random Access Memory
What does SDRAM stand for?
Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
What does RIMM stand for?
Rambus Inline Memory Module
What does RDRAM stand for?
Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
What does AGP stand for?
Accelerated Graphics Port
What does ESD mean?
Electro-Static Discharge
What does EMI mean?
Electro-Magnetic Interference