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The___layer is responsible for logical addressing.
Network. The logical network layer is responsible for logical network adressing as well as route determination.
_______is the type of media access method used by NICs that listen to or "sense" the cable to check for traffic adn send only when they hear that no one else is transmitting.
Which topology uses the least amount of cabling, but also covers the shortest amount of distance?
Bus. Due to its design, which includes a central trunk that runs the distance between the two most distant computers.
A physical star topology consists of several workstations taht branch off a central devic called a______
Hub. The hub provides the central connecting device in a star topology.
What devices transfer packets across multiple networks and use tables to store network addresses to determine the best destination?
Routers. Routers are designed to transfer packets across a network.
Which topology is the easiest to modify?
Which OSI layer signals "all clear" by making sure the data frames are error-free?
Transport layer
Which IEEE 802 standard uses a bus topology and coaxial basedband cable and and is able to transmit at 10Mbps?
802.3.The IEEE 802.3 standard specifies the use of a bus topology.
Which layer of the OSI model has the important role of providing error checking?
Transport Layer.
_____offers the longest possible segment length.
Fiber-optic cabling. Fiber-optic cabling can span distances of several kilometers, because it has higher bandwidth and much lower crosstalk and interference in comparison to copper cables.
Which connectivity device transmits packets the fasters?
Bridges. Bridges keep traffic on one side from crossing to the other.For this reason they are often used to increase performance on a high-traffic segment.
________is immune to electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference.
Fiber-optic cabling.
Which access method asks the other workstations for permission to transmit before transmitting?
Which type of cable has the easiest installation?
Twisted Pair
Which layer describes how the data gets transmitted over a physical medium?
Physical layers.
What is another name for IEEE 802.3?
What type of cable looks similar to the cable used to connect cable television?
Printers,files, e-mail, and groupware can all be catergorized as________.
Resources. Resources are any items that can be used on a network by multiple people.
A_______links two or more computers together to communicate and share resources.