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When an adequate stimulus acts on a receptor, a potential develops in the receptor's membrane. It is called a(n) _____ potential.
Sensations produced by the receptors of general sense organs are often called the
somatic senses.
Which of the following is not a group (classified by location) of receptors?
The activation of which two types of proprioceptors allows us to orient our body in space and provides us with positional information about specific body parts while at rest or during movement?
tonic and phasic proprioceptors
The web-like arrangements of free nerve endings that surround hair follicles and detect movement are
root hair plexuses.
The category of receptors that are activated by intense stimuli of any type resulting in tissue damage is
Which type of receptor is found only in the eye?
The general (somatic) sensory receptors may be classified anatomically as either
free nerve endings or encapsulated nerve endings.
Which two types of nerve fibers carry pain impulses from nociceptors to the brain?
acute and chronic
The type of deep or visceral pain that develops more slowly over time travels over
fibers and is often described as dull or aching.
Free nerve endings called _____ mediate sensations of heat and cold.
The neural pathways in tickle involve both the _____ and _____ before the impulses reach the cerebral cortex.
thalamus; hypothalamus
Tactile corpuscles are encapsulated tactile end organs, also called
Meissner corpuscles.
Which two types of stretch receptors are associated with muscles and tendons and are classified as proprioceptors?
muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs
What proprioceptor is located at the point of junction between muscle tissue and tendon?
Golgi tendon organ
Which of the following is not a general sense?
Which of the following is not a true statement?
Thermoreceptors are activated by pressure
Which of the following structures is a disc-shaped nerve ending that is responsible for Discerning light touch?
Merkel discs
Which of the following is not a proprioceptor?
root hair plexus
Function and relation to movement and body position
Free nerve endings are the simplest, most common, and most widely distributed sensory receptors
Somatic sense receptors located in muscles and joints are called visceral receptors
Golgi tendon receptors are stimulated by excessive muscle contraction
Exteroceptors are often called cutaneous receptors because of their placement in the skin
The term __________describes the free nerve ending that serve as the primary sensory receptor for pain.
Take your breath away fast pain is also known as____________ pain
Deep pain that develops slowly over time and travels over B fibers is also called ________pain
The inability of diabetic to send pain on certain areas of the body surface is known as diabetic_________
The primary mechanism of ___________appears to be an abnormal amplification of pain information processed in the CNS causing chronic and widespread musculoskeletal pain
____________mediate sensation of heat and cold
___________tactile sensation mediated by free nerve endings
__________Golgi tendon organs
__________tactile stimulation of the skin by someone else
___________mediated by a free nerve ending called a Merkel disc
Light touch
____________encapsulated tactile end organs
Meissner corpuscle
___________variant of Meissner corpuscle that acts as a mechanoreceptor
Krause end bulbs
________________found in the Deep dermis of the skin and responds quickly to sensation of deep pressure
Pacini corpuscle
___________incapable of feeling painful stimuli
____________release occurs during an allergic reaction
General somatic sensory receptors may be classified anatomically as either free nerve endings are
encapsulated nerve endings
Pain that is perceived as being superficial but is actually caused by an underlying organ is called ___________pain
visceroreceptors are located in the internal
Somatic senses enable sensation of
touch, temperature, and pain.
Intense stimuli of any type, that results in tissue damage will activate
The receptors responsible for sensing deep pressure and continuous touch are the_________
Ruffinis corpuscles
___________function and relation to movement and position
_____________are receptors found in most body tissues
Free nerve endings
As you wear a new engagement ring, you lose the constant feeling of its presence on your hand this is
___________found only in the eye
____________activated by changes in temperature
_____________concentrated in the hypothalamus
____________sensation is one of pain that may be caused by a toxic chemical
___________activated for sense of taste and smell
___________activated by stimuli that “deform” or change the position of the receptor
A receptor potential is a graded response that is graded to the strength of the stimulus.
If we not only remain aware of a particular sensation over time but also interpret what that sensation means in a larger context, the process is called adaptation.
Special sense receptors are grouped into localized areas
A procedure to determine the density and distribution of general sense receptors is known as the three-point discrimination test.
Proprioreception tells us at each moment the level of contraction and stretch in each of our skeletal muscles