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An Ion is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ particle
What are Isotopes?
Atoms of the same element w/ different # of neutrons. (Ex. H-1)
what are noble gases?
gases in group 18, dont chemically combine iwth other elements. other elements try to be like noble gases.
nonmetals _ _ _ _ ions.
gain..... nonagain
metals _ _ _ _ ions
what group of metals are transition metals
metals group 3 - 12
what group of metals are alkaline metals?
group #1
what are valence electrons
outer electrons involved in transfers
what is a period?
horizontal row of elements.. hint ( theres a period at the end of ever sentence)
to find neutrons .. subtract ? from ?
atomic # from Atomis Mass
Mass number = ? + ?
# of protons + # of neutrons
Atomic number = ? = ?
# of protons = # of electrons
what are electrons?
they are out side the nuclues
have a negative charge
what are Nuetrons?
Found in Nuclues
Nuetral charge

what are protons?
Found in nucleus
positive charge
What are atoms?
building blocks of matter
Who invented the periodic table?
How can you characterize each family of metals?
similar properties
what are the properties of metals?
Bohr drawings
- first ring hols how many electrons?
- rest of the rings hold how many?
first ring 2
rest of them 8