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Who can get a search warrant

Federal LEO

attorney for government assistant US attorney

Who may execute a search warrant

Federal agents

State police

Local police

Who can assist the officer executing the search warrant

Any one who can help acting under my direction

When can a search be served

14 day

10 days with tracker

Between 6am to 10pm

Drug search warrant is anytime

What can I search

Anything belonging to the owner

When is the search over

When you found what you are looking for

Looked at all the places it could be

What must I do after the search

Inventory-make list of all the things

Return-take warrant back to the judge

What is protective sweep

Quick limited search of the premise conducted to protect an officer or others

Where can I do it

Places where a person could hide

How long does it last

As long as it takes to complete the arrest and depart premises

3 basic requirements automatic protective sweep

Areas immediately adjacent to suspects arrest

Look in people's size hiding places

Look as long as it takes to get in and out

What is extended sweep

Go other places besides where you normally find the arrestee

When can I use it

Reasonable suspicion

Other dangerous persons present

What is the only time I frisk during a search warrant

Terry frisk- reasonable suspicion, suspect is armed and dangerous

What is the sommers doctrine

It's a rule that allows detention until search warrant is complete