Pros And Cons Of Warrantless Searches

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When it comes to being searched but a police officer whether it 's the suspect, the crime scene, or your automobile. Alot of people may or may not know that due to the fourth admendment they are protected against police searches if an officer doesen 't have probable cause and a search warrant. When a police officer has probable cause which is the minimum amount of information necessary to warrant a reasonable person to believe that a crime has been or is being commited by a personwho is about to be arrested. For example if the suspect attempted to run whn approached by the officer, if the suspect admitted to any part of the alleged crime, or if the suspect behaved furtively like if they were trying to hide something. Situations like these give officers probable cause. (Lyman p. 88) The search warrant is a very important factor when it comes to a cop being allowed to search in a criminal investigation. It gives police permission to search businesses, homes, computers, and a vehicle of a suspect. Lyman states, that other suspects could be arrested if they are around during a crime scene. with a search warrant cops can seize drugs, stolen property, and etc. The warrant is only valid for the person it is for to be searched …show more content…
Consent searches are when the suspect gives permission to be searched. Exigent circumstances are okay only when ca officer feels it was an emergency then no probable cause or warrant is needed. Stop and frisk searches are when the cops believe they are dealing with a dangerous person. Plain view searches is whe something illegal is right there in plain view of the officer to be used a evidence while making an arrest during a crime scene. Open field searches are when the open field and pastures are not protected by the constitution can be searched. (Lyman

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