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Why are viruses considered to be nonliving?
Don't have cells
What is an active virus?
a virus that goes right into action and takes over cells to produce new viruses
List the steps of how an active virus multiplies
1. Attach
2. Injects genetic material
3. Take over cell and make copies
4. Cells die and burst
What is a hidden virus?
hides in cell's genetic material
What are the 3 shapes of bacteria cells? Draw a picture of each shape and label them.
1. Cocci (circle)
2. Bacilli (rod)
3. Spirilla (spiral)
How are many bacterial diseases treated and cured?
antibiotics (some vaccines)
Why won't antibiotics work on viruses?
viruses are not alive and antibiotics only work on living things
What is a vaccine?
weakened virus/backteria that can make your body immune to the real virus/bacteria
Why can't you take antibiotics to cure the flu?
The flu is a virus and is not alive.