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When you change the properties of a scope, what happens to existing leases?
It has no affect.
What is Network Access Protection?
A DHCP Feature that can validate, enforce, and restrict access computer health.
Why should you assign exclusions before you enable a scope?
Because you can't create an exclusion that includes a leased address.
In DHCP, what are the 5 types of options?
Predefined, Server, Scope, Class, Client
What is the 051 Lease Option?
It is an option of the Server 2012 predefined class, Default Routing and Remote Access Class. It can be used to assign a shorter lease duration for clients connecting to routing and remote access.
What is a superscope?
A superscope enables DHCP to assign IPs from multiple scopes to clients on the same physical subnet.
Unicast vs Multicast
Unicast is one-to-one network communications
Multicast is one-to-many communications
MADCAP - Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MADCAP server issues leases for multicast addresses only.
Clients can use MADCAP and DHCP at the same time.
MADCAP cannot assign options during the lease process like DHCP can.
How can DHCP and DDNS work together.
DHCP has a setting on the IPV4 item that allows settings to enable clients to register with DNS.
Where are the DHCP Database files
What is the easiest repair mechanism for DHCP?
Delete the database and start fresh.
Where do you install DHCP?
Add/Remove Windows Components
Where do you authorize a DHCP server?
DHCP MMC Console.
What do you need to create a DHCP Scope?
IP addresses
What are DHCP Relay Agents?
A way for DHCP to propogate across a network where the don't have access.
What is Conflict Detection?
Conflict Detection specifies how many pings the server sends ofr an address it is about ot offer. The default is 0. This is used to verify that the DHCP server is not issuing the IP address that is already in use.
What range is auto configured for APIPA
What is DORA?
The steps of the DHCP process.