Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Analysis

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Business users and applications rely on core infrastructure components to be available in order to effectively do the job for which they have been tasked. An internet protocol (IP) network is critical to business functions; however, obtaining an IP address is not enough. Client workstations should make use of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for the dynamic assignment of addresses, as well as other name resolution components, such as DNS, and WINS. Active Directory is also essential in providing authorization, and authentication mechanisms for the people, and systems used throughout the network.
DHCP Infrastructure Strategy
The first step in an effective DHCP infrastructure strategy is to ensure the right number of
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This increases the security of DNS and allows reasonable assurance against DNS related attacks, such as denial of service (DoS), and DNS hijacking. Due to the criticality of DNS, and the successful operation of Active Directory, a functioning and healthy DNS service is …show more content…
Maintenance windows can take place where each server is restarted on alternate schedules, which reduces downtime. In the even both domain controllers go offline, auto-site coverage can be configured for GPO settings that allow a domain controller within another AD site to provide authentication services for the impacted site.
AD Troubleshooting
The domain controllers are the servers that run and support Active Directory. Troubleshooting Active Directory is more than troubleshooting the servers that run the service. While there are physical components that can cause problems, such as a failed power supply or faulty network conditions, AD itself has specialized tools to troubleshoot the service effectively.
The first tool used should be REPADMIN. Since replication is a critical component of a healthy AD environment, if two servers are failing to replicate there could be network related issues that are the cause. DNS may not be resolving correctly, or a firewall is preventing proper replication traffic. If replication is healthy; however, there are other problems the DCDIAG tool should be executed. This command line utility can identify issues with a local DC or potentially issues with other DCs that may be impacting the operations of the local

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