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the point where the x-axis

and the y-axis in the

coordinate plane intersect


line of symmetry

the line that divides a figure

into two halves that are

mirror images of each


positive number

numbers or integers that

are to the right of zero on

the number line


two numbers that are the

same distance from zero

on the number line, but

on different sides of zero

ordered pair

a pair of numbers that

can be used to locate a

point on the coordinate


absolute value

the distance of an integer

from zero


the set of whole numbers

and their opposites

coordinate plane

a plane formed by a

horizontal line that

intersects a vertical line

negative number

number or integers that

are to the left of zero on

the number line


the first number in an

ordered pair; it tells the

distance to move right or

left from the origin


the four regions of the

coordinate plane that

are separated by the x-

and y- axis

rational number

any number that can be

written as a ratio (a/b),

where a and b are integers

and b cannot equal 0


the second number in an

ordered pair; it tells the

distance to move up or

down from the origin