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Who do sourcing commands receive augmentation requirements from?
Who at a sourcing sommand ensure deployable personnel are properly assigned in the SPMS/MPAS?
What is SPMS?
Standard Personnel Management System.
WHat is MPAS?
Medical Personnel Augmentation System.
What reasons can someone be removed from a platform?
* Detach from a command

*No longer qualified for the assignment

*Determined to be ineligible for deployment
What are the statuses for those considered non-deployable?
* Administrative hold, legal hold, limited duty, or assigned to a Blood Donor Center (BDC)
What is the current manning priority?


* T-AH

* FH Oconus MTF's

* Other activities
What does CRTS stand for?
Casualty Reveiveing and Treatment Ship
What does T-AH stand for?
Hospital Ship
Females may only be assigned to what to what MARFOR support?
Who nominates the CO for T-AH?
What role des the OIC of ROS staff serve when deployed?
What is the number of fleet hospitals (active/reserve) and their bed count?
six active and four reserve witha bed count of 500.
Deployed FH's are composed of what components?
Manpower set and an equipment set.
How are manpower augmentation requirement sets manned?
for the respective primary sourcing command.
How are gender ratios established?
On berthing limitations.
What OCONUS MTF's have M + 1 platform augmentation requirements?
Yokosuka, Okinawa, and Guam.
What are the "other platorms" that receive augmentation support?
Commander in Chief (CINC's) and Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory (ASWBPL)
A specialty for an operational platform will not have greater than what percentage of substitution?
What is chapter 2 of the Medical Augmentation Program?
MAP assignment guidelines.