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Use what format or one of its variations to correspond officially within or outside the DOD?

Standard Letter
The person whose title appears in the "To:" line is the what?

Action Addressee

Allow what size top, bottom, left, and right margins on each page of a standard letter?


For directives, headers are 1 inch and footers are what?
.5 inches

If "in reply refer to" is not printed on your activity's letterhead paper, type the SSIC on the second line below the letterhead, starting how many inches or more from the right edge of the paper?

A sender's symbol for a standard letter has how many parts?

What is a four- or five- digit number which represent a document's subject?

To find the SSIC that most closely represents the subject, refer to what?

SECNAV M-5210.2

The originator's code, with or without the serial number, is the originator's office symbol or the what?

Hull number of a ship

All classified correspondence created by your activity must be given what?

Serial number

An activity that uses serial numbers shall start a new sequence of numbers at the beginning of each calendar year and assigns numbers consecutively beginning with what?


Numbers assigned by what and the initials of writers and typists are unauthorized as identification symbols?

Word processing centers

Refer to what for information on marking and handling classified correspondence?

SECNEV M-5510.36

What applies to information that is not classified, but which may be withheld from the public under the FOIA?

For Official Use Only (FOUO)

Every standard letter must have a "From:" line, except a letter that will be used with what?

Window Envelope

Address all correspondence to the what of an activity?

Activity Head

Use what line when one or more activities outside of your activity should review a letter before it reaches the action addressee?

The subject line consists of a sentence fragment that tells readers what the letter is about, usually in how many words or less?

In formal correspondence, do not use what in the subject line?

What reference is a document that some addressees neither hold nor need?
Not-to-all (NOTAL)
If you would like to provide a copy of a reference listed in your correspondence to a "Via" or "Copy to" addressee, annotate what in parentheses to the right of the addressee you send it to?

"w/ref (x)"
If you have more than how many references to list, continue with (aa), (ab), etc?


What cite references depending on whether you want to mention them in passing or highlight a particular one?


To cite an earlier communication between your activity and the action addressee, you may substitute a what for the issuing activity?

Personal Pronoun
Start all continuation lines at the what?

Left Margin

Do not indent the continuation lines of a what?

A signature page must have at least how many lines of text preceding the signature?


Use what in long correspondence with widely varying topics?

Paragraph headings

Start all lines of the signature line at the center of the page, beginning on what line below the text?


What number is an alpha-numeric number that is used to group commands or activities by classification?


Center page numbers what distance from the bottom edge, starting with the number 2?

.5 inches

To number the pages of a TOP SECRET document, see what instruction?

SECNAV M-5510.36